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    Default CN - Beachfront suite?

    We are heading to CN for our 2nd trip June 20-27...CAN'T WAIT!!! We loved everything about our first trip. Honestly, it was FANTASTIC - the best vacation ever! We stayed in an "Oceanview room" in bldg 6. Our view was awesome but the room was pretty small and the bathroom was super small. I'm trying to convince my husband to stay in a beachfront suite this year. What are the advantages?
    I know some say to use your money to stay longer, but we can't do that because we have little ones at home (it's hard enough to get babysitters for a week - ha!).
    So, is the beachfront suite worth the extra cash?

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    My personal opinion is no. We weren't in our room long enough to justify the cost. But the non-suite rooms are fine with us. I don't need a huge room or bathroom to sleep and shower in.
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    Whether it's worth the extra cash is a question only you can answer. However, here are the "extras":

    -- Slightly larger room that has a sectional, wicker sofa
    -- Much larger bathroom that has dual sinks, whirlpool tub (for one), separate shower
    -- Evening hors d'hoeuvres delivered to your room
    -- Hammock on the balcony

    How much those items are worth depends on how much time you want to spend in your room, how important a large bath is to you, how you enjoy spending your money, etc.

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    Go for it! We stayed in a garden suite when we there in 06 and we will be staying in a beachfront suite in April. The way we look at it, is yes it is a little more money, but it isn't often that we pull the trigger on this caliber of a resort or it's our 25th and we didn't hesitate for a minute.

    The bathrooms are very spacious, a his and her sink, and overall you feel like you have all the space and comfort that you could ever want.

    Maybe some of the fellow posters will post some pictures of the BFS or looking out from it. We met some people when we there who stayed in one and they loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Couples1414 View Post
    . . . . [I]s the beachfront suite worth the extra cash?

    Whether it's worth the extra money is a matter of opinion. Beachfront suites are twice the size of the rooms with a very large bathroom and separate shower and spa tub. Beachfront suites are as close to the beach as you can get. The balcony is larger and has a hammock. Hors d'oeuvres are delivered to the beachfront suite each night, and in-suite dining is an option for dinner.

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    If you want a room and bathroom that is twice the normal size of a regular room GO FOR IT!

    We often stay in a Deluxe Gardenview and have never complained about the size of the room. We have also stayed in a Garden Suite and was amazed at the size of space we didn't use.

    If you want to pamper yourself DO IT!

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    We have stayed in a garden was just lovely. Really enjoyed the hammock on the balcony. Then we stayed in a beachfront room...1st floor, right on the sand. It was AMAZING!!! Yes, the bathrooms are much larger in the suites. There is an counter area to sit and do your makeup and hair. The jacuzzi tub was very nice, as was the standup shower. Aside from the hammock, that is the advantage of the suite (in our opinion.) The room itself is larger, but the extra space wasn't really used by us.

    The beachfront room was smaller and the bathroom was also smaller. But the location was just fabulous and we loved being on the first floor. We were in 6102 and I swear its the best room at CN. I don't think we'd swing for a beachfront suite but we'll always ask for a beachfront 1st floor room.

    If you've got the cash...go ahead and splurge!!! What would it hurt??? If money is of concern, I'd say go with a regular beachfront room.

    And...we totally get the kids thing. It is so hard to leave them for a week...any more and we might be disowned by the grandparents.

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    Yes, yes, yes!!!
    We too can only stay a limited time and spend extra for the beachfront suite. We love the big room and humongous bathroom. The two person jacuzzi tub is a great bonus..
    Have a great time!

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