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    Default Morass fires in Negril

    Does anyone know anything about the morass fires in negril? I heard that they are currently happening on Norman Manley Blvd where csa is located. see linc below:

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    I posted the pix yesterday, but they didnt show up

    That fire is NOT that close to CSA- friends who live there said there was one day of smoke along NM Blvd...and their son has wasn't that bad

    The Fire is out....but that's a common occurrence in some areas there.

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    This happened last year, too... February and March were very dry. The marsh dried up, and the underground fires re-erupted to the surface (there is a peat fire that's been smouldering there for years). It was a bit of a problem last year, as I recall reading, along 7-Mile Beach for a couple of weeks with some smoke and soot.

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    On Monday which was the day of that report you could see the smoke but it was not that bothersome on the beach at CSA.On Tues.I didn't even notice it.We left Tues. so I don't know if it has flared up again.

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    It is more or less an annual occurrence, but typically not that bothersome - depends on where you are, when, and what the wind is doing.

    (WandA - a few years ago on the old MB, tried to post a pic of the morass on fire from the air and it was never posted. I took that as a hint of being an unacceptable post for this MB)

    In 2005 it was a bit heavy, particularly at CN, but there was a severe drought that year that made things worse and I believe typically it is not that big a deal. As a reminder of how dry it was in 2005, I recall there were no bananas and Ivy saying "Hurricane Ivan take almost all the fruit and the drought take the rest".

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