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    jus booked for march 2011...anyone tips, suggestions, or ideas....this will be our first time in jamaica

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    We booked also for March 2011. This will be our third trip to CSS. My suggestions are to read the MB, look at the pictures. It does really look that beautiful! I would suggest trying all the restaurants, all are good. The beach party & Gala are really good and fun. Definitely go to Dunns River Falls, you have to do it once. Also try the spa. Most of all, relax and enjoy time with your special someone!

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    dats great thanks...are there any off site activities you would recommend???

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    At the front desk they will have a list of different activities you can go on at your own expense. For instance, you can go swim with dolphins, go on the Blue Mountain Bike Tour or go on a raft tour on a river. I would recommend Dunns Rivers Fall, it is a fun experience to climb up the falls and you can take some pics with your camera (bring a water one). We saw Mystic Mountain (I think is the name) when we passed by the last time in 2009. It is a bomb sled ride and I think there is something else to do, but I didn't research that yet. We may do that this year. We did the shopping excursion and that was fine. It was nice to go out and shop, but the airport has a good shopping section. If I can find my list of excursions, I will add it to this post. A lot of it depends on how much time you have and how long you want to be away from the resort. There are also activities to do at the resort too, like a snorkeling trip.

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    Also don't miss these nights at CSS:
    Tuesday night is Beach Party – 7:00 on the main beach. This is a buffet out by the beach & then a show afterwards

    Wednesday night is Lobster Night – every restaurant offers lobster specialties when in season, July 1 – March 31

    Thursday is Managers Cocktail Party - 6:00 at the main pool deck. Cocktails and yummy appetizers. You get a chance to meet the staff and general manager.

    Thursday is Repeat Guest Dinner – 7:00 at Helconia Suites, invitations will be sent to your room (this is if you were a previous guest at any of the Couples, you would be invited to the dinner)

    Friday is Starlight Gala Night – 7:30 on the main lawn. Big, beautiful buffet set up on the lawn in front on Buildings A & B.

    Sign up for the romance rewards program. You never know, you might go back in 2012!!

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    wow sounds fun thanx

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