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Thread: CSS April 2010

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    Hey TR,

    I love your list. We are getting so excited. April 29th will be here before we know it! Looking forward to making new friends!!!

    Carol and Alan

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    About a wk and half before my baby is back and 44 nights to CSS! We are so excited!!! I am so happy he is almost home! I can't believe I finally get to go away with him for the first time....such a blessing! Thank God!
    Hope to meet all of the April CSS'ers! Tom/Peg, Mzambo, n14ru and all of ya'll!
    See you all soon!

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    Default Can't Wait

    Dave and Sharon from Toronto April 9 - 17.

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    4 weeks til we arrive! it's getting closer!

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    I've updated the list.

    Tania 3/31-
    Jason 3/28-4/4
    Trachil 4/2-7
    Kim 4/2-10
    Karen & Paul 4/2-0
    Talia 4/2-16
    Todd & Linda 4/4-11
    Dave & Linda 4/4-11
    Cheryl & Tom 4/5-
    Tammy & Raleigh 4/5-12
    Cynthia & Bronson 4/6-11
    Pete & Stacey 4/6-13
    Mary 4/8-14
    Sue & Denny 4/8-17
    Terri & Ed 4/10-17
    Gene & Tricia 4/12-19
    Eric & June 4/14-17
    Eric & Teresa 4/15-23
    Leonie & Steve 4/15-24
    Melodie 4/17-22
    Tommy & Peggy 4/17-24
    Marie 4/18-25
    Bonnie & Mike 4/20-5/1
    Kevin & Tammy ~4/24-30
    Stan & Susan 4/24-30
    Bill & Alicin 4/25-29
    Estelle 4/26-5/2
    Carol & Allen 4/29-5

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    Default Our first time to Jamaica!!!

    Hi all,

    This is my first time posting so forgive me if I ramble. I am just sitting here in the chilly North West dreaming about our upcoming trip to CSS. My soon to be hubby and I (getting married 4/9/10) will be making our 1st trip to Jamaica 4/11-4/23 for our honeymoon and my 40th b-day (4/15). So needless to say, we are sooo excited. And at this point I think my co-workers wish I would just go already, because it is all I can talk about. We have set our DVR to record EVER show related to Jamaica. We check the weather EVERY day. I read all of your posts. I I have even packed a few things. It is getting ridiculous and we still have 1 more month…

    From everything we have read all of the Couples resorts are fantastic. It was very hard to choose which resort to stay at. I have been reading this message board for a while now and I have to thank all of you for helping us to know what to expect when we get to CSS. Because of all of you we now have a great list of items to bring with us (to the person who suggested bringing bendy straws, you are my hero. I am a bendy stray fanatic and would have been VERY sad if I couldn’t have one for 11 days).

    Thanks for letting me ramble. We look forward to meeting all of you next month.
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    Nancy & Lynn from Chicago at CSS 4/9-4/16. Our first trip to Jamaica. Husband's (Lynn) 50th birthday on 4/9.

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    Default CSS April 14 - 16, 2010

    My husband Roger and I will be there those days and then move on to CN from the 17-24th....this will be our first trip and we'll be celebrating out 25th anniversay (early).

    I too am very excited about traveling there and am sooooo looking forward to all there is to do (or not do) and see.

    We are actually meeting friends on this trip (Duke & Nancy) and would love to meet more people....

    Truly looking forward to getting away with my man to the sun and beaches!! Hope to meet many of you there!


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    Yay us.............CSS Apil 2010
    Free Hugs start on April 17th..

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci...Where strangers meet,hug and become life long hugging friends.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    Default CSS 4/17-4/17 First time!!!

    Hello - me and my boyfriend Joe are going to CSS on 4/17 and we can hardly wait! I spent weeks on the computer looking for that perfect vacation stop and decided on CSS. We are very excited. I have enjoyed reading the message board and it has provided me a lot of information. 32 days and counting!!!!

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    To all of the newbies.
    If it's your first trip to a Couples resort then we all want to welcome you to your new family...Your new family of Couples.
    Choosing CSS was a very wise decision..CSS is the most romantic and beautiful of all the resorts of Couples.

    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia has put together a world class staff that loves to please and spoil you.

    PLEASE..If you see this old fat man walking around CSS then please stop me,say Hi and get a FREE hug.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci...The resort where strangers meet,hug and become life long hugging friends.
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    John & Becky from Little Rock. April 6-14.

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    Micole and Ramsey April 30th - May 5th , It's our first time to Jamaica.

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    Glen & Carrie from Kearney, MO April 17-23... So excited I can hardly contain myself! Just 10 days...

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    It's going to be wonderful to return to CSS..Couples Sans Souci

    I have the truck loaded.
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    I am both a worry-wart and a workaholic so I havent quite gotten into the excitement mode yet ----- and we are leaving in 17 days.

    I looked at the list of couples who have said they would be there when we are and hope that at least a couple of them (especially the ones who are repeaters) can help me to forget things for a few days - lol! I have already communicated with and friended Bonnie and Robin on Facebook and look forward to meeting them. When we went to Negril last April, it took me about 3 days to let all my "worries" go and I guess that I finally enjoyed the last 4 days so much that I really hated to go home. That is why I am ready to go back. I had such a magical time in Jamaica with my husband!

    Marie and 4/18-25
    Bob and Patty 4/18-25
    Bonnie & Mike 4/20-5/1
    Kevin & Tammy 4/24-30
    Bill & Alicin 4/25-29
    Estelle and 4/26-5/2
    Robin and Jeff 4/29-5/2
    Carol & Allen 4/29-5/5

    KruznSusan (and Stan)
    CSS April 24 - 30


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    OMG.....SINGLE DIGIT DANCE......wooho finally! Can't wait to get there and meet up with old friends and new. Excitement is finally here!!!!!!!

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    Our third visit to CSS coming up (4/16 - 4/24). Only disappointment I've ever experienced there was having to leave.

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    Default April 23-27

    We will be at CSS from the 23rd thru the 27th. This will be our first trip to CSS. We were at CTI a few years ago and enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward to CSS.

    Theo & Winnie
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    We'll be there April 22-29 celebrating our 15th anniversary. This will be our first trip to CSS and Jamaica. Can't wait!!!

    Jen & Tony
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    Default It's almost time!

    We'll be at April 25-May 2, celebrating our 9th anniversary. Second time to CSS, and we went to CN last year. See you soon!

    Lauren and Scott

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    WOW!! So nice to put faces with the names on this message board .... however, until I meet someone, I still have a problem remembering .... so when we meet you while we are there, please come re-introduce!!

    KruznSusan and Stan
    CSS April 24 - 30
    (from Louisiana)
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    Default bigdoglips

    Hello linda and todd if you get this please drop me a e-mail at We really enjoyed meeting both and we are now CSS junkies forever. Dave and Linda

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    First timers (Mike and Kerry) traveling with my daughter and her boyfriend (Jenna & Twon). About three or four years ago my daughter and I took a day trip to The Bahamas and everyone was so nice we couldn’t help but think people in The Bahamas are this nice, then Jamaica must have outrageously friendly people and it was then we started talking about someday. Condition one was that she graduate college and be able to pay for herself, well she did that last year, we firmed up plans in December and in one week we are on a plane for our dream vacation - -We are so looking forward to meeting everyone.

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