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    Default Our wedding photographer: Brian Nejedly

    One of the very last details we settled on was whether or not to use the resort-supplied photographer or hire an outside professional. We opted for the outside professional and never regretted it.

    We went with Brian Nejedly in Ocho Rios. Both he and his photos were fantastic! The package we selected (he has many) included a DVD slideshow with songs of our choice (we supplied them), hardcopy prints of our choosing, and a disc with approximately 250 high-resolution images ready to print as well as smaller ones perfect for emailing (having the images already reduced for email was REALLY handy). Since he lived so close to CSS (Couples Sans Souci), he was actually able to get us the discs before we left. That was really nice!

    He does other sorts of photography aside from weddings, so if you are interested in having him shoot more than the ceremony, he's definitely your guy.

    Brian Nejedly

    P.S. He does Trash the Dress as well.

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    I would love to see your photo's...are you planning to post them on the message board?
    I'm getting married on the 8th November at CSS!

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    we booked him thank you!!! post your pics or send the link so we can see....thanks

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    I'd love to see the photos as well. I'm considering him and a few others. I've visited his website and his facebook page and emailed him several time. I'd just like to see pictures of a happy customer. :0)

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