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    Default couples Negril - May 9 - 23 Will you be there?


    Will we meet you during May 9 - 23??

    We look forward to it!

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    Yes you will!!!! We arrive on May 8th....until the 15th..

    Look forward to having a BUNCH of fun!!!

    Doug and Sue Anne
    Palm Coast Fla.

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    Default yes

    Do you scuba dive?

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    Were counting the day's! May 3rd thru the 15th...paradise awaits.
    Steve & Julie

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    We will be there May 3-11 for our honeymoon!! We are counting down the days until we are in paradise. See you there!

    Miranda McDonald and Tim Moore
    Fresno, CA and Newton, NC

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    yup may 15-22

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    WOW we look forward to meeting you all during your stays, guess most of you are from the USA. So you will recognise us if we don't recognise you and please introduce yourselves as we are from the UK. Watch out for the white GB stetsons!

    If you feel like it we could have a duel in the pool (you can follow this thread on the message board).

    In answer to the question do I scuba dive, not a present, but I could learn! never to late to do that even at 50 so guys you need to help me celebrate as my birthday was in the awful snow in January. So as per Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II I will have two birthdays, with the best being in paradise! love to all and not long to go before we enjoy paradise! xx

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