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Thread: September 2009

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    Default September 2009

    We just paid off our trip, coming in Sept. 18 - 26 for our 27th Wedding Anniversary. Who will be joining us? The old board had a September thread, figured we would start a new one. 72 Days!!!

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    We'll be there from the 22nd-25th for our 1st wedding anniversary! Congrats on the 27th anniversary!

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    Default sept 20-27

    Hi Cuse, we're still with you and I'll be waiting for that Flaming Bob Marley. Can't hardly wait.
    Thanks, Frank&Ann

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    One Flaming Bob Marley coming up!! I spoke to Eydie and John, we met them 2 years ago at CTI, they are coming in 9/19. We are going to have a great time, can't wait...Ralph & Roberta

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    Roberta - we will be expecting our drinks on the bar when we arrive on 19Sep. No Bob Marley's for us. Our first drink is always a hummingbird. Can't wait to see everyone! John and Eydie

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    So gang, how are the Mojitos at CTI. Do they make them fresh like at CN?
    Thanks, Frank & Ann

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    The onebad_hurricane and I will be arriving Sept 15, and if we're lucky, a storm will destroy the airport, sticking us permanently in paradise.

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    Don't know about the mojitos, but the watermelon dacquaris are out of this world. Ya Mon

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    Hi Helldog

    We are Debbie and Paul of the Ivan Islanders (can you figure out why that name was chosen?). U R right - there for Hurricane Ivan and what a scary but the wonderful experience in paradise out weighted it all and every year since. First time was in 1980 for our honeymoon.

    We are the first to arrive Sept 8th - 19th and others in our group will follow staying until the 22nd.

    Please join our group but exercise your jaws for they will hurt everyday! We would all love to meet you.

    See U soon.

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    Debbie and Paul, we were there for our honeymoon in Sept. 1982 and back for our 25th in Sept. 2007 now we couldn't wait another 25 years to go back, so we will be there for our 27th!! Can't wait to meet everyone...Roberta and Ralph
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    We will be there sep 19-26, can't wait to see the beach. This will be our first time in Jamaica.

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    Hi kaciebrian, you're going to love CTI and Jamaica too. Where are you from? We will be waiting for you also at the "new" swim up pool bar. 1st drink is on me. Any questions, let us know.

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    Debbie and Paul - we will miss you again this year. We arrive on the day y'all leave. Who from the group will staying until 22Sep. We have missed everyone the past 3 years.

    Frank&Ann - looking forward to meeting y'all. We will join Cuse and have cocktails waiting for you when you arrive.

    Kaciebrian - I noticed that y'all arrive on the same day we do. What time does your flight arrive and where are y'all from? We arrive at MBJ at 125p.

    Helldog - you mentioned that you arrive on 15Sep. Welcome! How long will you be staying?

    Can't wait to meeting and see everyone!

    Eydie and John

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    [QUOTE=mudslide;5853]Debbie and Paul - we will miss you again this year. We arrive on the day y'all leave. Who from the group will staying until 22Sep. We have missed everyone the past 3 years.

    HI Eydie and John

    Hopefully some day our paths will cross. At the present time, there will only be 3 of the 4 couples there when you arrive. There is approx. 12 couples in our group and many were unable to go due to the economic stituation which is very unfortunate.

    Let's hope things will be better for all in the future.

    We are from NJ and U?

    Take Care - Paul and Debbie

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    Default 9/14-9/19

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary Sept 14-19. Look for George and Jackie.
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    Hi George & Jackie

    I am not very good at posting pictures but you will see my husband, Paul, in the Sept. Photo Contest #37 and he is in the middle in regards to the stages of a Jamaican Tan. After Kim took the picture, my husband thought of the idea - was not planned.

    Please look for him because 99.9% of the time we will be together and that's how we like it.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    CU then!


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    Hi Debbie,

    Your picture is awesome! I will look for him...can't wait to meet you both.

    See you there...less than 2 months to go!

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    Default Documents arrived!!

    We received a phone call from our TA and our documents arrived, Ralph picked them up yesterday. O.K. now when is Sept. 18th going to get here? Can't wait to meet everyone.

    We <3 Couples, great picture in the picture contest, love the whole concept in the Jamaican tan progression.

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    Default 60 days !!!

    We will be in flight to our Jamaican home in 60 days. Can't wait for the day to get here!! We have been catching some great sales on summer apparel which is really getting us in the mood for some "rum filled days and nights"!!! Ya Mon!!

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    Hi Ralph and Roberta

    Looking forward to meeting you both the day before we leave. I don't know how to post pictures but if you look at #37 of the July-August Photo Contest, my husband is in the middle and we are together 99.9% of the time. We will have to look out for each other and the first drink is on us. LOL

    C U them - about 50 days 2 go.


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    Hi Debbie, I did see that picture in the contest, great picture. We are due to land around 1:30 p.m. then the bus ride there, probably get in 4 or 5 p.m. on 18th. We will look for you. You can find us, my husband always has a Syracuse shirt on, that is where we live, hense the name "cuse"!

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    Are we neighbors? We are from central NJ - Mercer County.

    What a small world and gets smaller and smaller.


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    Probably not more than a 5 hour drive!!


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    Default 53 Days and Counting!!

    Hope all the September CTI people are doing great. We will be there in 53 days, not that we are counting down or anything. Any other September people out there?

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    I figured out how to add our picture I think! Watch out for us Sept 22nd-25th, day after my bday

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