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    Default golfing in negril

    can anyone give me a personal review of their golf experience in Negril?

    I plan on bringing my own clubs; however, my wife wants to rent some if she can, to play with me some mornings.

    thanks guys!

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    If you're a low handicapper, I think the course might be a waste of time. If you're a duffer, it might be fun for you...

    When we go to Negril Hills, we generally only bother to golf one nine... the beach is far too alluring....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Well twoblazes here's my take on golf at Negril Hills:
    If you have the golf bug like me and my two buddies who played there in Dec of 08 you'll have a good time. We've been on golf trips and played in the freezing cold but feel that if you're on a golf course and not at work, it's all good. If you only like playing at manicured country clubs with perfect equipment then you'll have a terrible time. The course is hilly, the fairways are hard and at times narrow. The caddies are great. We walked the course twice with the same caddies and got to know them pretty well. I suggest you ask for Ronnie for your wife. She's an awesome lady and will give your wife her short putts...<smile>. I hope that she's still there for you. My caddie was named Nevel. Tell them that Steve from New York says hello.
    Lighten up your golf bag of all the extra "stuff" it has accumulated. The only things I took were a dozen balls, two gloves, tees and two towels. Of course you can't forget the bottle of suntan lotion. The costs are about:
    $15 caddie fee at the clubhouse,
    $37 total for a cart, same price shared or just one rider,
    $15 for rental clubs,
    we tipped $20/caddie/18 holes, $10 - 9 holes
    Here's a few pictures of the course. Enjoy your time in paradise and I'm green with envy.
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    well I have to admit, I am very new to the sport, but enjoy it very much. from the looks of the narrow fairways, i may have a few more "mulligans" than usual. as long as the caddies are

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    twoblazes, the caddies see all kinds of swings and are always gracious. I usually laugh at myself when I'm playing bad. Heck, I'd give up the game if I tried to take it seriously. The caddies will laugh with you, not at you if you are having a good time and show it. I'm a 20 handicapper and have days I will shoot in the high 80s or in the low 100s. Who cares as long as you're having fun. Just remember, only about 10% of golfers regularly break 100 LEGALLY. If you're a beginner I suggest you buy the cheapest balls you can find and bring them with you. You'll need them...LOL.
    Enjoy your time in paradise!

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