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    Default Rafting the White River

    Going to CTI in a week and was wondering if anyone has done the rafting one the white river and if it was worth looking in to?

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    We did the rafting on the White River a few years ago. It was a very nice experience, and we'd do it again. The rafts are made of bamboo lashed together, and your guide poles you along the river. Our guide was great and took some nice pics of us along the way. Hope you have a wonderful vacation at CTI. We're coming "home" April 3rd, and can't wait!

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    what tour company did you go with?
    I'm looking for a rafting/tubing trip as well.

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    It's a great excursion. Relaxing and FUN. I even asked to "steer" the raft and was allowed to do so. Here's a pic of what we looked like.
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    It was a few years ago when we took the raft trip, so I don't remember the name. We have done the tubing too, which was just pure fun. That trip starts way up in the hills, and it's a challenge getting up there as well. For both trips, you should look at what's available when you get to CTI. They have a list of excursions there with prices, etc.

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