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    Default Our Trip Advisor Review for CSS

    My wife and I recently returned from a much anticipated trip to Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Prior to our trip we read reviews of the resort on Trip Advisor as well as on the Couples Message Board. There were a few things we noted from the negative reviews that seemed to appear in most, and I will address those first.

    1. Cleanliness/mold/bugs/water pressure: Our room was very clean upon our arrival. Despite our comings and goings mulitple times each day from the beach...the staff kept the room just as clean throughout our stay. Yes...there is mold visible in some places within the room and on limited places on furniture fabric. Having made trips to the Texas coast on a regular basis, we consider this normal for the location and it did not keep us from using the furniture as some have suggested. We left some drink glasses in our bathroom one night and ants did find them. We were in a ground floor room. Our bad, didn't bother us. The water pressure seemed low in the shower but fine for double sinks and jacuzzi tub.

    2. Insufficient loungers on beach: We did not experience this problem. We were able to find adequate chairs and floats at both San Souci beaches every day of our stay. They were not always in the spot we might have preferred, but are in Jamaica when there is cold weather back worries!

    So with those things addressed, I will try to summarize our week.

    We were able to fly form DFW the day after a record snowfall with minimal delays. We arrived at MBJ the same time as two larger flights so customs took longer than usual from what the veteran travelers told us. We easily found the Couples Lounge, checked in and we were promptly treated to a Red Stripe Beer. The shuttle was uneventful and the driver entertaining. You need to tip the red caps for loading your luggage, and the driver as they are not Couples employees.

    Check in at the Reception Desk was quick and easy. They greet you with a big smile, moist towel and champagne....then it is off to your room. Our room was a ground floor Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite. We had hoped to be off the ground floor but found it to be extremely convenient.

    We arrived on a Friday, just in time to attend the Starlight Gala. This is a variety show and buffet food. There are tables for each course with multiple choices and ice scupltures and artfully carved fruit and such. The staff mingles with guests and sits at guest tables. The food and the entertainment was outstanding, even after the long day of travel.

    On Saturday we found that The Pallezina was just a few steps from our room and that is where your hot breakfast is served...buffet style other than the omelet station. You can dine inside or outside. We sat at "our table" inside at a corner window all week and loved the breakfast choices. Blue Mountain coffee is fabulous and Edjar and Conrad rock the omelet station like nobody's business. Maureen, our favorite waitstaff is a sweetheart as well, and Seymore the Chef is excellent. We only had lunch at The Pallezina once.

    We attended the orientation and found it very helpful and it gave us a chance to visit with Ophelia and Kadian, the Social Directors. They do an great job of keeping things hopping.

    As far as food options....
    Casanova was my favorite evening dining. It is the only restaurant that requires closed toe shoes and long pants for men. Definitely worth the trouble. Albert is a fabulous waiter there. Piano music...balloon bar right below...very, very romantic and tasty. My wife preferred The Pallazina for dinner, and really, it was great food as well. We enjoyed the Valentine's dinner at The Pallazina, as well as Lobster night. We ate lunch on the beach every day except one, and the soups and sandwiches at Bella Vista were perfect...especially the daily soup. The fried fish sandwich was our favorite, with the pea and shrimp soup. The beach bar is attached to the Bella Vista and offers blue flag service on the beach. We had dinner our last noght at the Bella Vista and we were not disappointed then either. I should mention that Casanova and The Pallazina require reservations...but that was never a problem....but you have to remember to book those at guest services each day.

    The mineral pool and mineral hot tub and mineral grotto are really cool...literally really cool other than the hot tub. Brace yourself! the smoothie bar beside the pool is well worth the walk over though. Fresh fruit smoothies. The spa is in that area as well. Definitely book a couples massage in The Hideaway...pure magic. You look out off of a cliff into the endless sea and all you can hear is the wind and the waves crashing below. Tip the spa staff as they are not Couples employees. We tipped $15.00 to each for couples massage. I have heard more and less.

    There are paddle boats, kayaks, sail boats, wind surfing...all available for your use at Water Sports. Barrington, Lovelle, Leighton and the staff will hook you up. There are glass bottom boat and snorkeling excursions as well as water skiing and scuba. Great staff.

    We did the Dunn's River Falls trip. We will not do it next time, but if you haven't gone, you must. It can be a bit annoying, but these folks are just trying to make a living and it's all about tourism. We were ready to get back to the resort and relax afterwards, but I am glad we did it and we do recommend you try it. It is beautiful. You tip the guides and videographer...we did $5.00 each. It is $40.00 for the video they make, which we bought as well...hey, you never know if you will make it back again.

    The main beach is small, but quiet and clean and the water is clear. We had concerns after reading that the water was murky and there was too much seaweed. Look, we are use to Texas beaches and the Gulf of Mexico so this beach looked heavenly to us. It might be all about perspective. When we went out in the boat you could see the bottom, fifty feet down. I really don't need to see any further.

    Sunset Beach is the other beach (AN) at Sans Souci. It is a truly special place. The White River literally cuts right across the front of the beach. The fresh water flowing rapidly into the bay and colliding with the salt water waves coming in creates an amazing, never ending, boiling current and sounds beautiful. There is a pool and jacuzzi, swim up bar and grill, as well as bathrooms at the beach. The beach is set off from the rest of the resort and has a fence and privacy hedge. After 5:00 Sunset Beach is open to all guests for photographing the sunsets. Sunset beach is deeper, but not longer, than the main beach. Again, this is the AN beach, and that rule is strictly enforced.

    Overall, we were extremely pleased with our decision. Upon our return we immediately began planning a return trip. This is not a new resort. If you require all new facilities and rooms and furniture, this may not work for you. We fell in love with the charm of the location and the age of the place. The stone walls and walks appear to have been there for centuries and the wooden windows and doors that allow you to swing them open and hear the sea just cannot be duplicated in some of the newer hotels and resorts. It is also only 150 rooms so you will actually get to know some other guests and you will certainly know many of the staff.
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    Thanks for the GREAT report !! Makes me look even more forward to our 5th Sans Souci visit next month !!

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    That was a very nice and detailed review. Altho we're making our Couples/Jamaican debut at CTI next month, we intend on visiting CSS thru the TP program. We're hoping to get a sneak peek at a room or two as a preview in the event we make a 2nd journey to paradise, we'll have as much first hand knowledge of the resort as possible to help us decide if we'd like to stay there next.

    The one thing that surprised me a bit was you're response with respect to the insufficient number of loungers, which you said turned out to not be an issue at all. Actually, I don't recall ever reading about beach chair/lounger problems at CSS, altho in fairness, I gotta say I haven't read every single thread on this resort, being we're not staying there. But I would have thought at some point I'd run across that issue. Oh well, no biggie and glad you did not have any such problem.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Great review! We are 58 days from CSS. Your review just adds to our anticipation. Thanks. Couldn't view your pics....they are still pending approval before posting.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    Great review! Thanks for clarifying some things. We leave in 30 sleeps and can't wait. Can you tell me what the water temp was like. We've heard mixed reviews from cold from the river to average for Jamaica.

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    Thank you for such a detailed review! My boyfriend and I are getting more excited by the minute. We'll be honeymooning there sometime in the fall - still working on a date!

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    Thanks for your review! Were you able to smell the mold/mildew? I am extremely allergic and am really worried about it. We have stayed in the atrium suite at CSA and mold was not an issue there since humidity isn't able to build up in the room with all the windows. Since that isn't the case with the rooms at the other resorts I am afraid of trying any of the others. I really want to go to CSS but I have a really extreme reaction to mold so I am worried about it.

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    Very dead on review!!! Makes me very anxious for our 2nd trip to CSS in 5 wks!!!!!

    The mold was very minor in our experience Melody, same as what we experienced at CN, but I am not allergic.

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    Ron-Because the lounger issue seems like such a big deal not only at other Couple's resorts, but resorts in general, I was trying to ease any minds about CSS.

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    Melody-Neither my wife, nor I, had any issues whatsoever with the scant amount of "tropical" mold that we encountered. Neither of us is allergic, however. If you have been to just about any coast, you will see similar conditions. It just wasn't the issue a few Trip Advisor reviews had tried to make it, so I wanted to weigh in on the topic. I will say, we have other allergies and it was amazing how clear we could breathe for our week at Sans Souci!

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    I've never seen mold at CSS, but we've always stayed on an upper floor. I'm just surmising here, but it seems that you might have more luck on an upper floor, as people are more willing to keep sliders and windows open.

    I would imagine it's a risk in any room, since people have a tendancy to leave wet things lying about. The north side of that island and the location of CSS particularly is much more humid and has a rainforest feel to it. I don't think you can escape humidity issues unless you have a entirely closed, climate-controlled room, and that sort of antiseptic feel that I personally wouldn't enjoy.

    Having said that, I don't think I'd worry about it much even with an allergy. If you happen to have an issue, I'm sure the staff can rectify it, either by changing rooms, removing offending upholstered items or bleach, depending on the location. They really are very willing to do anything to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrallen View Post
    Great review! Thanks for clarifying some things. We leave in 30 sleeps and can't wait. Can you tell me what the water temp was like. We've heard mixed reviews from cold from the river to average for Jamaica.
    While we were there, it rained a fair amount and there were cloudy days, but the water was still very pleasant and not cold off of the main beach...and very calm. (Certainly warmer than the mineral! That is one cold pool.)

    The water off of SSB is cooler due to the White River running across the beachfront. Perhaps due to some of the rain, it was REALLY running fast while we were there...but from other posts, it seems to always provide a strong cool current. If you get beyond the current the coolness gradually fades.

    We have not been to other Jamaican beaches so we cannot compare the water temps to elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick&Nora View Post
    Ron-Because the lounger issue seems like such a big deal not only at other Couple's resorts, but resorts in general, I was trying to ease any minds about CSS.
    Gotcha - makes a lot of sense too when you put it that way.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thank you so much for your review, my husband and I are coming April 29th to celebrate his 50th birthday. Sounds wonderful, we are looking forward to a wonderful relaxing vacation.

    Carol and Alan

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    Thanks! I worry sometimes but I think we will probably try it in 2011. I was thinking of the one bedroom ocean. I think asking for a higher floor would help so I will give that a try. It looks beautiful there! Was the second photo taken from a room?

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    Quote Originally Posted by melody View Post
    Thanks! I worry sometimes but I think we will probably try it in 2011. I was thinking of the one bedroom ocean. I think asking for a higher floor would help so I will give that a try. It looks beautiful there! Was the second photo taken from a room?
    The first photo is from the window of B8.
    The second photo, I believe my wife took that from out on the upper level of the elevator tower. I am sure there are ocean view rooms with that view though.
    The third photo is looking back across Palazina at breakfast from our table at the corner window.

    Honestly, pictures cannot do the place justice. I was floored by the colors. You see pictures in brochures and assume they have been touched up a bit, but CSS is amazing. Make sure you check out the photo contest link because many guests take far better pictures than what we managed. You will not be disappointed...we are returning in 2011 and cannot wait.

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    we are going to CSS in feb (yes 340 days away) just got the penthouse suite - very much lookign forward to this trip!!

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