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    Hi, We are getting together a group who love Couples Resorts. Meeting in Oak Brook at the beginning of April. Email dates and times that are good for you.

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    would like to join you folks, but early April is out for us. Sue has an income tax business and after she is finished on the 15th we are off to Swept Away. we have been to quite a few gatherings of Couples fans and know several folks near. what type of gathering are you trying to set up? weekend at a hotel?


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    We are trying to plan a group get-a-way to one of the Couples Resorts. Are you available to get together in May? I was thinking of meeting for dinner and drinks somewhere in Oak Brook or Yorktown Mall area. The more the merrier.

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    we are actually in Alton,IL. we have traveled farther for a get together before. was just seeing what the plans were and we will check to see if we are available when your date draws near.

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    Let us know of dates your thinking of in May we might be able to make a get together as well.

    Sue and Randy,

    Looking forward to meeting you at CSA!

    Tracy and Len

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    I know that May is a busy time for lots of other activities (sports, school ending, graduations, etc). How about the week of May 17? We are free on May 17, 18, 19th and the weekend of May 22 and 23. Meet in the Oak Brook area.

    We're hoping for a large turnout of all us Illinois folks and hopefully making plans for a group of us to go on a great vacation.

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    We live about an hour from Oak Brook. Let us know when you get a date, location and time and we will see if we can join you. We love Couples and always enjoy meeting other Couples fans.

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    How about meeting on Sat., May 22nd. 6:00pm at Maggiano's in Oak Brook. We are flexible on dates, so let us know if that does not work for you.
    Looking forward to sharing Couples stories and favorites.

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    That should work for us. Looking forward to meeting other Couples couples.
    Let us know if your plans change.

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    Default change of plans

    Our plans have changed and we will not be able to meet you on May 22.

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