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    Default Where to have cake at CSS?

    Getting married at CSS on April 15th! (Gives whole new meeting to Tax Day.) We are very lucky to have 4 of our closest friends be there to celebrate with us. We have reserved a penthouse suite and would like to have the cake and sparkling wine there as opposed to by the gazebo. Is this allowed? I've heard so many wonderful things about the Jamaican wedding cake and I'd like to be able to enjoy it and our sparkling wine instead of rushing to go take pictures.

    Also, does anyone who has gotten married at CSS have any advice they'd like to share?

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    I don't have any advice, but I am getting married there on the 13th! I have tons of questions too. I posted a thread asking if the resort photographer and salon are any good. I haven't heard too much in response yet, but I'm sure the wedding coordinator will be able to answer all of our questions when we get there! (even though I want to know now! lol)

    When are you arriving at CSS? We are arriving on the 11th. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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    Hi Kara
    I did see your post this morning. Good questions! We are having our friends video the wedding so we won't need that but we are going to use the resort photographer to make sure we have some professional pics. We're having a wedding reception in July and spending a great deal of money on that including another photographer!
    I'm sure you're going to absolutely love it at the resort. We've been to CN twice before and my fiance was at CTI with his first wife. This is the second marriage for both of us. All of the Couple's resorts are just wonderful and the staff has always been incredible so you shouldn't be disappointed with anything.
    We're a little older than you (in our 40s) but still a great deal of fun! We're arriving on the 10th so perhaps we'll run into each other once you arrive. We can't wait either!

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    We got married May 21, 2009 at CSS. We stayed at in a penthouse suite and it was wonderful. Instead of having the cake at the Gazebo there is a walkway up to there that is beautiful and secluded and they will block it off from other guests. I would suggest having your cake there instead of in your room.

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    HI! I was married last April 15th-So my husband would always remember our aniversary -lol!!! As the previous post wrote, I would also recommend you having the set up in the walkway; they can set it up to accommodate your guests if you let the wedding coordinator know when you have your meeting with her beforehand. The resort wedding photographer does not rush you at all and it is such a beautiful set up!! (as you can see in our pics) You two are going to be SO happy that you are getting married there-it’s truly magical!! We are going to be there the 9-17th so if we see you guys def say HI! Here are our pics from our wedding and some from the trip last year. Best Wishes!! Tasha & Dustin (Fargo,ND)

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    Hi Tasha!
    Great Pics! Thanks for sharing. I do believe we are going to have to check out the walkway. Were the pictures you posted from the resort photographer? You looked beautiful! I will keep an eye out for you both. We haven't been to CSS yet but once I saw the Gazebo I was hooked for our wedding. I would love to go back every year for our anniversary too. Only 28 more sleeps and we cannot wait!

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