Hi all! My husband and I will be CSA first timers in April for our 15th anniversary trip. A few questions (and this board ROCKS, BTW! Very helpful!)

Snorkeling...what is it like? I think the water and sand are comparable to the Florida Panhandle--beautiful, but not so much sea life. I've snorkled in the Virgins which is like swimming in my own tropical fishtank. How does CSA compare?

On the beach itself, what are the shells like? None, a few? I have a serious seashell addiction and want to know what to expect.

Lastly, looking forward to some great beach time after the COLDEST Florida winter I've seen in 12 years of living here. If it doesn't warm up soon, I'll be the pasty one wearing my kid's SPF 70 ont he beach so I don't fry! We actually used our fireplace (AGAIN!) in Jacksonville this week.

Take care and hope to see some of you soon!
--Gretchen & Ashley from chilly Florida