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    Hi! I am about to book our honeymoon for the last week in June, and am having trouble deciding on the type of room. I know we want a verandah suite, because we want the mini bar, and were originally going to book the Great house ones, but I am also looking at the Garden or Ocean. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of these, I can't find any! I am worried because I read somewhere (probably on here) that they are "hotel" ish. Is the decor and room ambiance really that marked? We love the pictures we've seen of the other rooms and if the look IS the same, then we'll just go with the Great House. Thanks for any help in advance!

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    The greathouse is the one that is more "hotel-ish" as it is in a building with hallways. The difference between the beachfront and garden is the location the beachfront are located in front of the garden and thus closer to da beach. We always stay in the garden verhanda and will be there at the same time as you, assuming it is late june. Hope this helps and does not confuse. when you book be sure to check into the meet at couples thread for june.

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