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    Default Cell coverage at CSS

    Hi everyone,
    I'm going to have to dial in to a conference call while on vacation at CSS. Is there cell service there? Or perhaps a business center where I can camp for an hour? Any ideas or advice is welcome.
    Thank you,

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    Too be safe check with your cell phone carrier/provider and tell them your application and they will advise how to proceed. You might have to subscribe to their international calling service. All carriers are different when it comes to international calling.

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    There is cell service (on the Digicell network) but you need to make sure your cell phone provider has a Jamaica as part of their international plan.

    CSS does have an internet cafe with computers for guest use, as well as WiFi.
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    I have Verizon and we stayed in the B Block. The service wasn't great. But I never tried to use it anywhere else. Other people on the message board have mentioned using Skype. So that may be an option for you to use.

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    My husband has Verizon service. Last August he (I think) had a Treo & he does have the Int'l plan & it was a GSM phone. He had no problems making phone calls to our home town w/ it (from up in D block).

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    Just got back from there, stayed in A block. You will have no problem, we have ATT, all the carriers work with the local carriers for you to get service. It might cost you about 2 bucks a minute but check your carrier. Global coverage means that your carrier works with other carriers to bring you service.

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    Thanks all! I'm sure my ATT will work, I have the international plan and it's worked everywhere else I've tried it...Bonaire, Aruba, Costa Rica...if there is cell coverage at CSS, I'll have no problem mon!

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