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    Default CSS room advice?

    Hi all-

    Sorry if this has been asked already- are there better rooms to reserve at CSS if you want to be close to the AN beach or pool? Just wanting to maximize the naked time!

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    The beachfront jacuzzi suites in Block A are closest to the A/N beach, BUT, the beautiful views from the veranda, one bedroom, and penthouse suites in buildings D, E, F and G, not to mention the huge balconies, are so much nicer than the rooms in buildings A and B, at least in our opinion. Plus, on the walk over to Sunset Beach from the higher buildings, there's so many wonderful things to look at!

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    Buildings A & B (One Bedroom Beachfront Suites) are closest to Sunset Beach.

    Have fun!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy View Post
    Buildings A & B (One Bedroom Beachfront Suites) are closest to Sunset Beach.

    Have fun!
    does that mean you will have a view of the SSB or just a short walk? My husaband and i have a 1BR beachfront suite, just getting tips/facts ahead of time and making decisions about whether to try AN.
    Amy, CSS newbie Aug 21-28 2010

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    Default this time- balcony/ veranda question! (CSS)

    Thanks, everybody- I guess we could have found the "resort map" on the website to see for ourselves.

    OK- one more question! We THINK we like the Penthouse Suite balconies best, and somehow- the Penthouse suite isn't really much more than the Ocean Veranda suite (if we book way far in advance).

    Can anybody describe the differences between the two? And the inevitable question (since we're putting it on this board), are the Penthouse Suite balconies private enough for nude sunbathing? They aren't shared, are they?


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    Just a short walk. No view of Sunset Beach from the rooms. Give it a try early in your visit. You won't regret it.


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    From what I understand there is a barrier between the penthouses. Get your sun on the beach or by the pool. Hubby likes to hang out AN in the evenings and I am sure the penthouse would be fine for that. :-)

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    We just got back last night and stayed in a Penthouse Suite, the only one you could possibly sunbathe nude on is the Prime Minister Suite. The four in E block all have a half wall between them and the ones in D block (where we stayed) were huge balconies but not private, there was a latticed wall divider between them which could be seen through and around both ends of it.

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