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    Default Customs US and then Canada

    We are from Canada but flying out of Detroit to Jamaica. When we return we will of course be bringing things back. Wondering if anyone can point the way to info on what to expect as far as restrictions on alcohol and cigars. Will US customs give us a hard time about bringing things back or because we are on our way back to Canada will they let us through???

    I would hate to have to pay duty and taxes twice :-(


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    Visit . Thats the US Customs website.

    I suspect that, since your first port of entry (and no connecting flight, I presume), is on US soil, that you may be subject to some of the embargo issues that we US citizens are subject to... specifically on Cuban goods.

    Beyond that, I'm thinking you'll be ok, but you may need to do a bit of investigating.

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    I think Chris is pretty much correct. You won't pay duties and taxes in the USA as it's not your final destination nor is it your place of residence. They can however confiscate things like Cuban cigars or any other product they don't want on US soil, for instance a hat made from palm tree leaves.

    One thing that will help speed your way through customs when entering both the USA and Canada is a NEXUS card. You're pre-screened as a low risk traveller by the USA and Canada. As a warning, in case things like this bother you, they do scan your iris and they do finger print you if you're accepted into the program. You have special lines to go through making the process at customs fast and pretty much stress free.

    Here's a link to about the NEXUS program if you're interested:


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    In years past you could purchase your alcohol and carry it on with you. NOW with all the TSA changes and since you have flight changes you will be required to PACK your purchases in your suitcase. If you had a direct flight this would pose no problem but since there is a stop this is where they get you.

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    Canada Border Services Agency

    Go to the sources, do not listen to word of mouth. it saves embarrassment later.

    You now have the websites for both US & Canada Customs.

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    We're from Toronto, and a couple of years back, we flew through Atlanta (never again, missed connecting flight etc)

    First of all, if you stay within your limit, you don't need to pay duty or taxes on anything.

    Second, good advice from Chris re: Cuban products.

    Third, if you buy liquor at the Mobay duty free and carry it on the plane, you will be ok landing in Detroit, however, before you board your Canadian bound flight in Detroit, you will have to pack the bottles in your checked luggage, you cannot carry them through security as carry on to Canada. You will have to pick up your checked luggage in Detroit and go through security, at least that's what happened to us in Atlanta and can't see why it would be different in Detroit.

    Enjoy your stay, customs can be a hassle, but overall, not a big deal!

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    Assuming you are just passing through the US back to Canada then you shouldn't have to pay any duty in the US since you're "In Transit"; though if you did you should be able to claim it back. The import limits are pretty well the same in US and Canada; Chris makes a good point about embargoed goods from Cuba and such places. Best bet is to stay under the limit though.
    We don't bring back liquor any more since liquids are a problem with airport security when you are connecting through. I would think that would make alcohol a non-starter for you anyway.

    from Edmonton

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    Hi Frozenbutt,

    We are also in Windsor, flying out of Detroit. We do this often. If you stay within the limits, it's never a problem. If you stop into the duty free shop at the bridge sometime, they have the limits posted right in there. When & to which resort are you headed?


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    Thanks all for the info. We are driving across and leaving from Detroit metro. When we return we just leave the airport and drive back home so no worry about repacking.

    We are going to CSA on Apr 24 - May 1

    I think we will probably bring back a few extras. I don't mind paying for the extras. Have you ever drank the Appleton's that they sell at the LCBO in Ontario YUKKKK Not even close to the same. I'll pay thanks for the real thing.

    :-) 46 days and I hope I can make it before I choke someone, hahaha

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    I have had the Appleton rum from the LCBO, but never from Jamaica. I didn't like it, so I was actually worried that would be the only thing available in Jamaica. Hmmmm - will have to try it there now if it's different. I had a friend who used to bring me back coconut rum from Jamaica that was just delicious - but the stuff here is not so much. Didn't even consider that Appleton would be different. Silly me.

    We are at CTI March 22 - 29.

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    there is no comparison. The real thing is very smooth and the 151 can put you on your butt fast so watch it :-)

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    Default Reverse issue

    We are Americans flying into Toronto from MBJ. When we drive across the border in Niagara Falls I assume we have to redeclare the bottles we bought in Jamaica. Anyone have experience with this? Is it 1 or 2 litres per person? Thanks!

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