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    Hi there, Just wondering about the stairs and climbing at San Souci. Possibly booking Secret Rendezvous and it seems like a lot of people end up getting CSS. I wondered how much (bad) the stair climbing really is? How are the rooms set up -- is there more stairs there? Are there alternatives? I have a knee problem and am uncertain how that would work. I can climb -- just don't like to do it tons. Also, did you have fun there? Is the food/service good? I know the beach isn't as good as CSA but just curious? Thanks in advance. :-)

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    I actually like the beach better because it's private and much more quiet. Yes there are a ton of steps at CSS but you can call the resort shuttle their internal transportation at extension 6010 from any house or room phone and get a ride to any part of the resort. There can be stairs up to your room if you are not on a ground floor. The food is fantastic as well as the service. I've found CSS to have the best service when it comes to special requests.
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    just make sure that you request 'A' block or 'B' block, these rooms are on the beach level and you will not have to use the stairs, 2 of the 3 restaurants and most everything is located on this level.

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    If you are doing SR, you may not be able to request a certain block, but it wouldn't hurt to try. We stayed in Block G, which is kindof in the middle of the property. We found that we didn't use the stairs all that much because we went down to the beach (which is on the lowest level of the property) and stayed there until we were ready to go back to the room to prepare for dinner. There are a couple different dining options on the beach level, so you don't have to climb stairs to go eat breakfast or lunch. As a previous poster stated, they do offer a shuttle service on site that will pick you up from anywhere on the resort and take you to a different level.

    We are from the Gulf Coast in Alabama, so when we think of the beach, CSA is what we imagine. However, we still enjoyed CSS greatly! The views are spectacular and they have pools all over the place to enjoy! The food was great (I was pregnant and substituted food for alcohol all week...put on 9lbs!) and they offer round-the-clock room service (with everything from chips to steak) which was wonderful! The service at CSS (as with all Couples resorts) was second to none!

    Having done the SR twice, I would definitely consider doing it again! We have been to all of the resorts except CTI and we hope to try it within the next couple of years...all are fabulous!

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