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Thread: vegetarians?

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    Default vegetarians?

    another few newbie questions:

    how is the food for a vegetarian (no eggs, some fish okay)?

    does the resort have soy milk?

    thanks and see you in may!

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    No soy milk that I remember but there won't be any problems eating vegetarian. There is always a veg option on the nightly menus and if that doesn't work for you, ask to speak to the chef and they will whip something up for you...
    No problems!

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    Which resort?
    I was recently at CSA. I was pleased with the veggie options, and I did not make a fuss about needing 'special' food.
    I really did not notice soy milk availability as I do drink milk (but not much). Sea Grape was superb! tons of vegetarian food (even soy/pumpkin smoothies!). All other restaurants I had a few options. Not overwhelming - but enough for it not to be a problem.

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