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    Default Has anyone used the honeymoon registry?

    I just booked our honeymoon and signed up for the honeymoon registry. Does anyone have any input on this? This is all totally new to me, it's our first trip outside the US!

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    It's just like a gift registry - people can give money toward your honeymoon as a wedding gift, instead of cash or a traditional registry gift. While it's an awesome idea, we found that most wedding guests like to give an actual gift in person. We only had a handful give money to the honeymoon registry.

    We honeymooned at Couples too so I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, even if it's about traveling outside of the US (

    Also, if your honeymoon is within 30 days of your wedding, be sure to bring proof so you can get the honeymoon perks! Congrats! You will love Couples! Which resort did you book?
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    we are doing it and its going well we leave in 49 days, it has been well received by our guests....toaster or jamaica. . .hmmm

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    thanks for the info. it looks like they just send you checks for those that have been purchased, and then we have to book the actual item with the resort, right? none of it is just an automatic? we booked at CSA for August so we definitely have some time =)

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    Default Honeymoon Registry

    You choose how you want to receive your money. You can get it by check or direct deposit, which is faster. You can also pay extra to get a check the next business day. There is also an option to use PayPal.

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    do you have to book through couples to be able to set up a honeymoon registry? Or is it available even if you book through an outside agent/website?

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