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    Default Travel Insurance?

    Is the travel insurance offered worth getting? Has anyone ever had the need to use it and is it really beneficial?

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    I have never had to use it, but think that it is worth getting for the peace of mind alone. We are traveling during hurricane season this year, so definitely think it is necessary. I would recommend purchasing.

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    YES!! We wouldn't book with out it. BUT, make sure you know what you are covered for. We always get the "cancel for any reason" policy. This means if you need to change your dates for any reason, then you can change it without any penalty (except for the cost of the insurance-which you really get back when you rebook).
    We've had to reschedule for medical reasons too. My husband at the age of 37 ended up in the hospital for 17 days with diverticulitis (perforation in his colon). We were scheduled to leave in 7 days. With the insurance, we got a full refund.
    My point is, even if you are young and healthy, you never know what is going to happen. I would highly recommend it. Hope this helps!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbol6 View Post
    Is the travel insurance offered worth getting? Has anyone ever had the need to use it and is it really beneficial?
    YES! It's only $158. We used it last year because we had to change our dates. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
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    Travel Insurance is simply that. Insurance. You hope that you never have to use it but in those cases that you need to you would be glad you had it.

    Some buy it some don't. It is all a matter of personal preference.

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    It depends what your personal situation is. For example, I have always had to worry about elderly parent's not in the greatest health, therefore I always take the insurance. With one exception, the only time I opted to not take the insurance was on a trip to Puerto Vallarta that we booked 3 wks before the trip. I felt safe considering the trip was so close. Well bad move. My Mother ended up in the hospital right after we left. We spent the rest of the trip worried sick, and she kept insisting we stay because of the money we spent on the trip, it was horrible! She ended up ok, but it was a very stressful vacation to say the least. I will NEVER not take the insurance again.

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    Of course it's worth paying a fraction of what you possibly stand to lose.
    It's not just Hurricanes in the Caribbean that can ruin vacation plans. There are Health issues, weather conditions in your home airport, Eartqhuakes,etc etc

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    I was torn between getting it or not. I guess it depends on your situatuon. I ended up getting it because if you have to cancel for ANY reason, you get your money back, minus the insurance. I thought it was best in my situation because I have 5 very young children, and if one of them were to become very ill, and end up in the hospital or something, (God forbid) we just would not be able to go. If I didnt have young children at home, I might have said no to the insurance. I did not feel good about booking it without it. Only because of the children. I think that would be the only thing in the world that would stop me from going to paradise. Hope that helps a little. I know it can be a tough decision.

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    It is well worth getting. Like all insurance if you don't need it, it is a waste, but if you do need it you will be glad you had it. I was in Costa Rica with a group and one member had to be flown home on an air ambulance and the insurance paid the $25,000 cost. He was glad he had the insurance.

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    Yes, YES, and Yes. Get it, you just never know what will happen and the little bit it costs is well worth the peace of mind knowing IF something happens you are covered.
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    We have never gotten it. We have been five times and I don't see the need for it.

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    Default Insurance

    We have never purchased travel insurance until this year. Since we booked in October we decided to play it safe.

    We will see if we need it or not.

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    I think it depends on your situation really. With my wife and I there was no reason in the world that we would need the insurance EXCEPT that my grandmother is 90 and her parents are both 80. There is no way I could take the chance on something happening to them right before we left and then not being able to go. Their in relatively good health, but I just could risk losing $3,000.00 over the $150.00 trip insurance. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have considered getting it but things have changed a bit for us.

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    If you are at all worried that something can happen, its worth getting just for the peace of mind. Everyone's situation is different; work situations, ages and health of family members, etc. may make some more prone to purchase the insurance than others. Your Couples vacation is liable to be a significant investment... you feeling lucky?

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    Here's what made us finally purchase trip insurance when we booked our fourth trip:

    We woke up about 3:00 a.m. on the morning of trip number three. Having some time to kill, I checked my Facebook and had a message from a friend that said, 'Hey. Aren't you guys going to Jamaica soon? Have you seen the news?" We turned on CNN to see that there is a hijacker in MoBay, and he's holding a plane and all its passengers hostage.

    What are the odds? How often do we go to Jamaica? How often is there a hijacking? What are the odds of a hijacking occurring in Jamaica? Rough estimates come out to about a billion to one of those three things happening on the same day. (Yeah, I should have played the lottery...)

    We left DFW for ATL not knowing if we were going to be able to get from ATL to MBJ. By the time we got to Atlanta, the hijacker had surrendered. Our trip went off as though nothing had ever happened. But it just goes to show you - YOU NEVER KNOW! The peace of mind is well worth $158...

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    yes, yes, yes... we had to cancel and reschedule trip #6 2 days before we were supposed to leave (including first class airfare!)...
    We rebooked for the following month and we were only out the $170 we paid for the insurance.

    We always get it and hope not to use it, but in this case it kept us from losing a $6500 vacation!

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    my travel agent costco - said we cant get insurance because we are in california? can we buy it seperate from someone else?

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    If you book a split vacation through couples directly - one week at one place and a week at the other, do you pay once for insurance or do you need to pay for each week?

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    johns, CSA dot com. You can get coverage there or triple A dot com

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    Does the insurance through Couples cover your airfare if you book airfare on your own - delays, cancelations,...

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