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    We have booked for CN in July. I booked online with hotel only and will do flight seperate. When booking I choose the insurance with couples. Do I still need to purchase flight insurance? And if I would have booked flight and room together would have the insurance covered both? Thanks

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    Generally, if you want to insure the whole package, you need to purchase the whole package. The only flight insurance I'm aware that you can purchase for flights is the kind you don't want anyone to collect on. Purhaps one of our itinerant TA's can provide other or better info.

    Most airlines charge $100 per fare for changes or cancellations.

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    No, the insurance does not cover your flight, only the hotel. You'll need to find a third party vendor for your flight insurance. We always book separate and while we always buy the Couples insurance, we never buy flight insurance. Last year, we changed our dates, and when we changed our flights Continental only charged us $100 to change, which was cheaper than insurance.

    Here's the link to the Couples plan:
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    Each insurance policy can be a little different so you would want to read the policy to answer any questions you have before you purchase. If you want insurance for your flight you will need to purchase it when you book that portion of your trip, what you have purchased already likely doesn't cover your flight. If you had purchased hotel and flight together the plan would have probably been one that covered both. Again, read your policy to be sure.

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    Some good information and a listing of 3rd party travel insurance companies:

    We have booked air separate from resort, mainly because of timing (reserving the hotel much earlier to take advantage of specials) and flexibility (can watch flight availability/costs), so have purchased 3rd party travel insurance. As I read, this covers your entire trip. We have used Travel Guard and Access America.

    One gotcha is that if you purchase the insurance more than 15 days after you put your first deposit down, you cannot get the "cancel for any reason" coverage.

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    I want to thank each of you for replying. When I check the insurance for the flights it is costing about $70.00 a person, so from what it sounds it is cheaper to not get the insurance. However, I guess what I worry about is what if I have to cancel altogether. Or do I just take that chance. I know that Amy and Chris you do not purchase the flight insurance, is this what most people do? Thanks for your help.

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    The reasons for purchasing insurance can be numerous. Having to cancel the trip is one, or changing the dates another. But what about if you get sick and need to be taken back home on a medical flight? What if you get in an accident on the way to the airport and you miss your flight, that's different than a cancelation from the airlines point of view because of the timing. What if something happens back home and you need to cut your vacation short, come home early? What if there is bad weather during your vacation and you are required to evacuate the island? Are these things covered in the current policy you have purchased? Are they even important to you? Insurance is a somewhat personal choice and each policy reads a bit different so you want to know what your current policy covers and then decide what other type of coverage is important to you.

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    For years, I didn't bother with insurance. Lately I (the last 3 years) I have been spenfing the exta money for all the reason Sherrynchuck gave and because my husband's mother is 93, living in a nursing home. God forbid something should happen, but at least our treip is covered.

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    ashjam76 -

    Its pretty much like Amy and I tell ya... it will probably cost you about $100 USD if you have to change. If you can get airfare insurance for $70, its $70 wasted if you don't have to use it. I know, I know... you can say the same for the cost of the resort, but there is a significantly larger risk there.

    I'd recommend you don't insure the flight portion. Gives you $30 worth of incentive to NOT cancel ;-) .

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    Our "cancel for any reason" insurance was $60 per person for the Flight +hotel package. Like any insurance it's only wasted if you don't need it.

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    Mrs2cool, you probably can't put the name of the insurance company here but I would appreciate it if you could email the information to me. Thanks!

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    If you purchased air separately, and flight gets canceled due to snow, and you are delayed one or two nights at the resort, does the insurnace cover you for the one or two nights you lose at thr reosrt?

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