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    Default An important message to the CTI "Islanders"

    Greetings to our loyal "Islander" guests. I am sorry for sounding like a wet rag or party pooper and understand that this is directed to a very few people but...

    Please discontinue the practice of launching water balloons from Tower Isle towards passing boats . Whoever it is that brings this "slingshot" to CTI, I would kindly request that you leave it at home.

    Besides the fact that the balloons are not biodegradable and a potential hazard to the sea life, we are concerned about the potential for injury. Management has an obligation to provide a safe environment for our guests. You may think this activity is harmless fun, but it is not condoned by resort management and puts us in a untenable situation if/when one of our guests or one from another resort is injured as a result of being hit by one of your balloons.

    The following is an excerpt from a guest who recently stayed at CTI.

    "As I mentioned earlier, the Islanders were there during our stay. I understand that their tradition is to launch water balloons at the people on the Catamaran Cruise as they make their way around the backside of the island. All in good fun….until somebody gets hurt. I had the unfortunate displeasure of being actually hit by one of them. It hit my thigh so hard I thought I had been hit by a rock! Immediately, I had a welt on my leg and by the time we got back to resort, it was already bruised. It just got worse, of course, so I had to spend the rest of my week with a black bruise on my leg. I’m not a vain person so it’s not the physical appearance that bothered me. What concerned me was if that balloon had hit someone in the face or head, it could have done some serious damage. I really hope that Couples management will put a stop to them doing this."

    I am hopeful that the "Islanders" clan will recognize the potential hazard - however slight, respect management's position and discontinue the water balloon games as requested.
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