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    does csa book tours to pelican bar or ys falls? Does anyone know how much? Is ys better than mayfield falls and then doing the pelican bar any advice would be great.
    Thanks Melissa

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    Yes, you can book these daytrips at the SweptAway Tourdesk. Because of their relative locations, it may not make sense to book some tours on the same day.

    For example, Mayfield Falls and YSFalls are fairly remote from one another. One of them (YSFalls) is closer to the Pelican Bar than the other. Likewise, YSFalls is closer to Pelican than Mayfield Falls is.

    Neither of the falls tours is better than the other. They ARE vastly different from one another. Do your research and decide which appeals to you more.

    Pricewise, it depends on how you book (hint: you don't have to book through the tourdesk), how many folks will be joining you, etc.

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