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    Default Couplesholics the end of June is near

    For all you Couplesholics that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the best rates and deals. Have you taken advantage of what is currently available?

    The end of the month things change so don't wait to long!

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    We are booked!!!!! WOOHOO!

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    295 days to go OH Hummmmmmmm

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    But that's better than 0 days to go!

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    Only 303 days left for us until trip 6 to Swept Away.


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    I want to book for July 2010 but my husband won't go along with it!!! Maybe if I cry and stomp my feet - no - that won't work either! Oh well, 15 days until CN!!!!!!!!


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    Open a bottle of Appleton Estate Rum and make sure his nose gets the full aroma. If that don't work them ask him when HE wants to book the trip.

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