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    Default Quick CSA Review 02/27/10 to 03/06/10

    Couples Swept Away

    We hired a local to drive us from Rose Hall to Negril. He was a friend of a friend back in the states. He charged us $80. I had never had curried goat and really wanted to try it. So, he made a stop at a place that he swore had the best curried goat on the island.I have one word. YUCK.
    Room- Great House Jacuzzi Suite- WONDERFUL. We never had problems with a lack of hot water or water pressure. The room was spotless. The mini bar was restocked daily. They even refilled my ice bucket EVERY day!!The bed was fabulous. We also had a walk in shower. Oh
    yeah- flat screen tv with cable tv and premium channels.
    Food- We ordered room service for breakfast almost every day. Wonderful. We ate at all of the restaurants at least twice each.
    Our favorite was Feathers.
    Service- Great. We saw tipping happen 1 time at one of the bars. We also saw people leave money on their breakfast trays. Both made us feel a little uncomfortable. We never tipped anyone, other than candy bars and school supplies. I will say the staff never made us feel as though they expected tips.
    Beach- Weather was extremely turbulent. Lots of days where we couldn't be in the water. The south end of the beach had TONS of seaweed wash the point where they brought in machinery to remove it. Our side of the beach was much nicer.
    Spa- Wonderful. I had a body wrap, facial, and also had my hair and make up
    done for our vow renewal ceremony. Hubby and I enjoyed a couples massage. This was
    hubby's first massage ever and he really enjoyed it. I still laugh when I
    think about him referring to the spa as "The Massage Parlor".
    All 3 pools were really nice.
    Drinks were awesome. They had some top shelf liquors----Absolute Vodka was
    my go to. But they also had cans of Miller Lite. Every day, they had a
    different drink special, so we made sure to try them. I have a new found
    passion for Dirty Banana's and Jamaica Brownies!! It also seems like
    there is a bar about every 10 feet. We never had to wait for a drink.
    The only disappointment was with the water sports people. Hubby really
    wanted to learn how to sail a hobby cat. The lesson was poor and they were
    not willing to go out with us or him.......even though it looked like they
    didn't have alot going on.
    We took a taxi up to the cliffs one day and experienced Rick's Cafe and Sexy
    Rexy's. Next time we go, we will spend an entire day at the cliff side. It
    was very pretty and we loved everyone we ran into there. Rick's is a big
    tourist trap, but the surrounding businesses have the real Jamaica appeal.
    Will we return? It depends on pricing. We loved this resort and we loved the food. We have been to Jamaica 3 times now and have started to make friends off the resort. Next time, we might try a simpler hotel. Based on the pricing that I just looked at for next year, we will not return.

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    Thanks for the excellent and detailed review. Aside from the less-than-cooperative weather at times and pricing aside, it seems you otherwise had a grand ol' time, good for you!

    As one who also has never been on a hobie cat, I found myself sharing your frustration with the lackadaisical lesson provided. We'll be staying at CTI and CN, so hopefully between at least one of the two, we'll receive a more thorough and patient lesson.

    Back to the pricing, I guess all you can do really is to keep your peeps out for one of the many specials offered thruout the year, especially those Coupliscious Wednesdays - who knows, one of them may result in an offer too good to pass up.

    Thanks again.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I really do think that Couples is a great place. As far as pricing goes, I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for. We definitely got what we paid for and MORE!!! Unfortunately, I can't afford dream trips every year....maybe only one every 5 or 10 years.
    Beleive me, I will keep watching for specials!!

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