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    Default CSA booking option of Beachfront Verandah Suites not given?

    I have a question. I am sooooo excited that my husband and I are going to be able to come back to CSA for a 2nd time. It is our absolute favorite place in the world. But I am having trouble understanding the booking...

    If I try and book our June dates through the Couples doesn't give me a choice of Beachfront Verandah Suites. This is the kind of room we stayed in when we got married/our 1st trip so I was hoping to book it again.

    I don't want a thing to be different because the first trip was absolutely PERFECT.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KEZ View Post
    I have a question . . . . If I try and book our June dates through the Couples site, it doesn't give me a choice of Beachfront Verandah Suites . . . .
    It means that there are no rooms available in that category; it's fully booked.
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    I'm guessing it's not there because that room cat. is sold out.

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    The rooms are probably booked up and therefore not available to book

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    I believe that would mean that room category is sold out.

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    I think what they are all saying is, the room category is sold out...

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    Thanks for the replies, Everyone! I guess I can't be surprised that the rooms are booked so far in advance. Even though I am a bit disappointed I know we will have an amazing time no matter what kind of room we get.

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    KEZ -

    It MIGHT be worth a call to Couples to confirm that the BFVS's are indeed sold out.

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