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    Default Split stay cti-css

    Is it possible to split your vacation between Couples Resorts that are close together such CTI-CSS ?

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    Absolutely! Just book however many nights you want to stay at each resort. CSS and CTI are only 5 minutes apart.

    Of course, you can also split the others, it just takes longer to get there on the day you switch. We have booked a CTI/CSA split for 2011.
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    Of course it is possible to have a split stay w/ CTI & CSS just book it that way.
    The only thing you might lose out on is the promos that require a minimum of 7 nights at one resort to take advantage of it. Otherwise just book it as a split stay minimum 3 nights @ each resort

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    Quote Originally Posted by Condo-Pop View Post
    Is it possible to split your vacation between Couples Resorts that are close together such CTI-CSS ?
    You can split your stay in any combo and length of stay that you wish, altho the stay may have to be a minimum of three days at a given resort. Not sure about that.

    We're proof positive, as we've split our upcoming stay between CTI and CN. The advantage you have if you're so inclined to split as you mentioned, is the resorts are close by one another, so the transfer time will be very short. The same for those who split between CN and CSA.

    A couple of suggestions tho. If you're by chance booking during a period when you could be eligible for resort credits, it will likely mean you have to stay a minimum of 7 nights at one of the resorts in order to qualify. So keep this in mind when factoring in the dates you want to split.

    Also, if this is your first time at Couples, the 2nd resort you choose for your split will qualify you as a repeater guest, which comes with certain perks, just so long as you sign up for the Romance Rewards program. Again, we're proof positive of this as well.

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    Yes it is. I would suggest if you are splitting a stay then make sure you are at CSS on a Friday night for the Friday night gala.
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    We did that in Feb. 6 days at CTI and 4 days at CSS. They will get you a transfer between the resorts for free.

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    You bet did it last time. Only minutes apart from each other. Very different resorts but both are excellent. Go for it Couples makes it all very very easy and painless. Just wear your bathing suit when you transfer since your room will not be ready chances are.

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    You can stay wherever you like....they're 5 minutes apart

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    Yes, it's quite common for folks to split vactions between two Couples resorts. However any minimum stay requirements for booking special discount packages or resort credits must be completed at ONE of the resorts, as each resort visit is considered a different trip.
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    We did an unplanned split this past January. It was great spending the last 6 nights of our trip at CSS. As my husband said, "we have 3 new restaurants to attack!"
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