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Thread: CTI April 2010

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    Default CTI April 2010

    I am new to this board and would like to know if anyone will be there April 19th thru 25th. We have never been to a Couples resort and will be married April 22nd.

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    Welcome to the family. There is a Meet-up thread on this page that says, "Official November 2010-CTI". You will see that there are a number of us already. Add your name to the list. See you in Paradise.


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    we arrive on the 24th and leave May 1st, wedding on 27th. Hope to meet you

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    We will be there the 17th - 22nd. Getting married the day before you. Hope for a great time!


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    We will be there 19th - 26th. Our first time to a Couples resort or Jamaica. Getting excited.

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