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    Default Optional Excursions at CN

    Does anyone have a list of the optional excursions from CN? I know they can change, but I'm just trying to budget for what we might want to do. I don't have a clue what's available as this is our first trip to Couples and to Jamaica.


    Oh - any opinions on excursions you have taken (worth the $ or not, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

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    Off site excusrsions can run from sight seeing to adventures.

    Negril shopping trip takes you into town to shop. The transportation is provided for by the resort what you buy is up to you.

    Negril craft market is a series of shops selling items and is located almost across the street from CN.

    Black River Safari

    YS Falls

    Appleton Rum Estate

    Pelican Bar

    Royal Palm Reserve

    The Black River Safari along with YS Falls and Pelican Bar is a nice adventure. Cost many vary estimated about $80 PP.

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    I don't have a list but the best out of the 6 days worth we went on were the appleton estate tour bundled with the black river boat and dunn's falls tours. They are all a long drive so doing it all in one day was well worth it. and the atv was the best of all. It was only about a 20 minute or so drive and it lasted a while. Riding up into the mountains to this little village was amazing.

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    Check out the inclusions/activities pages for what's included:

    Also, searching the old MB is very helpful if you have time:

    As for what to do....depends on your personality, I say do as much as you can squeeze's included at Couples, so why not? Then if you ever get a chance to return you'll know what to focus on. You are going to love love love it! The cat cruise is awesome and snorkling was great too. Enjoy!

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    We have only gone on the included excurision and even at that we have not done all of them. To hard to get off the beach.

    Welcome to the Couples family! You picked the best one to try first.

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    How many days are you staying at CN? IMHO, there are so many included activities that just staying at the resort can be as busy as you might want to be. Many of the excursions take you the entire day away from the beach/resort and again, IMHO, I go there for the beach and relaxation.

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    We'll be there 7 nights with another couple who have been there twice already. They prefer to just stay at the resort, but I'd hate to make the trip to Jamaica and not see at least a little more of the island.

    But who knows. That beach looks so amazing that my husband may not be able to get me off of it! At least until the sand fleas start biting.

    Thanks for the tip about the old message board!

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    So, you can bundle Appleton Rum, YS Falls & Pelican Bar? And it's only about $80 pp? I saw a trip to Appleton, YS Falls & Black River tour on a different site quoted at $110 pp & almost fell on the floor. Someone on a different thread said it's a good idea to contact the Romance Concierge at your resort to get it best to call, I guess, and how do I find that #?

    I tried searching the old MB, but the search function has been disabled. There's lots of good info over there that I will need as I'm planning our 2nd visit to CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claire7676 View Post
    So, you can bundle Appleton Rum, YS Falls & Pelican Bar? And it's only about $80 pp?
    Where did you see the $80.00 for this bundle? I can't seem to find it. This is the exact bundle tour I would like to take.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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