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    Default Canadians that have gotten married - documents

    Hi there,

    We were at CSS in Feb. and met a couple from the U.S. who had gotten married at the justice of the peace before their trip and just did a vow renewal as they said it was too much of a hassle with documents to get married in Jamaica.

    We are in our 40's and getting married next Feb. at CSA, just the 2 of us.

    Is it a hassle? We are both divorced. Do we need to bring our proof of divorce docs? When we return, can I get my name changed immediately or do I wait the 3 months for my wedding certificate.

    I really don't want to do a quick jp wedding in Canada. I want to really get married in Jamaica and make it special.


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    Hi Molly229,

    I am in the same boat as you. In my 40's both of us are divorced. All you have to do is send notarized copies to Debbie 30 days in advance.

    divorce decree
    birth certificate

    I think that is it.

    As far as changing your name, Once you change your drivers license everything else is easy. You might be able to change drivers license when you get home with the copy they give you at time of signing. If not then you will have to wait till documents comes from jamaica.

    I am not changing my name. After the divorce I changed back to my maiden name. the house etc are in my maiden name and I don't want the hassel of changing the deed etc on the house.

    I am not getting married before I go. I don't see a point to that at all. I want it all done on the beaches of jamaica!

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    Thanks for that reply Sunstarsmoon! I appreciate it.

    I have my ex-husbands name as we have a child who is almost 18 now. I kept his name for that reason. The man I have lived with for the past 10 years and plan on marrying is whos name I want to take.
    I forgot about the mortage and stuff though. There is alot to think about when changing a name.
    Thanks for the info!

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    Just to let you know that you can pay $85USD to expedite the process of getting your marriage certificate. I also have my former husband's name because I have a son with him, and I can't wait to change it to my new hubby's name.

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