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    We are newbies and I just have a question about dining at CN.

    Do you have to dine with other couples?

    I don't want to seem rude, but to sit at a table with another couple or two who I do not know is not my idea of a relaxing meal. We are there for such a short time and are looking forward to have intimate dining together, especially for the evening meals.

    I also read a lot of posts about couples who arrange to meet up at certain times. Do large groups of couples dine together at the restaurants? I would think it could get quite noisy if that would happen.

    I just want to know what to expect.


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    You do not have to eat with anyone if you do not want to. HOWEVER, for a particular resturant at a particular time, the only seating that may be available when you make your reservations could be a group table. If that doesn't interest you, simply change your dinner time to one with a table for 2 available.

    Yes, there are groups of couples who choose to eat together... most times, it isn't a big deal.
    Try to remember it is their vacations too and some people like to share company with others.

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    Default Lots of tables for 2 at CN

    Hi TravelBug,

    No problem with dining alone at CN. I'd say at least 3/4 of the tables are for 2 in all of the restaurants. At Cassava Terrace, there are only a half dozen tables for 6 or 8, a dozen or so tables for 4, and the rest are for 2.

    There are very few options for "group" dining, and we don't see it much at all. Maybe a few groups of 4 or 6 at the most, and, yes, these tables can get a bit loud with the sounds of having fun. We're as guilty as the next couple as we reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

    Enjoy yourselves at CN - it's the best!


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    The restaurants are set up for couples, with many two seat tables available. There are other size tables available for larger groups (4,8,etc.). We have been to CN twice -- never have sat with others during a meal (except repeaters dinner, which I highly recommend), and never been too bothered by larger, dinner groups. Enjoy your trip!

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    Remember- this place is called Couples. They cater to Couples. My husband and I enjoyed meeting new people during the day but we always just ate alone at night. You will see- This place is SO romantic!

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    I'd say 90% of the Couples at CN eat by themselves. There are very few groups.

    If you make reservations at Otehetie you will be asked if you would like to dine with other couples or by yourself. You always have the option of dining by yourself.

    At night the atmosphere at CN becomes extremely romantic and most couples want to spend their time with their loved one. I've not run into loud boisterous groups at CN in our 3 visits.

    It can get rowdy around the swim-up bar during the day, but at night the atmosphere completely changes.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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