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    Default Tennis Racquets at CSA?

    Does CSA have tennis racquets available to use? Or is it necessary to bring your own racquet? I really want to play tennis when I go but don't really want to try and pack my racquet. Thanks for any input!!!

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    Yes, they have racquets...quite an assortment.

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    CSA does provide tennis racquets.

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    When we went to CN last November, we took our tennis rackets as carry on. We bought a bag that holds 2-3 tennis rackets (about $30) and we were actually able to carry that with us. I do understand that CN had tennis rackets and assume CSA does too, we just like to play with our own rackets. Just an option in case you didn't know.

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    They have them.

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    They have them there. We use the racquetball racquets and they keep them together in the same rack. They are descent racquets and should work for most people. CSA has top notch tennis facilities with lots of courts.

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