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    Default 10 0 C hugging truck headed to CN & CSS in April...Hugs

    Well,it's about time that Peggy and I returned to our original Couples home..CN..Couples Negril...It's been three years since our last visit and we are very excited..It appears that so many of the CN employees we knew are now gone..We wish them well and we are looking forward to meeting the new staff members.We sure do love CN.
    We will be at CN on April 10-17 and look forward to giving Karen Lanigan a hug.

    We have also booked CSS...Couples Sans Souci for April 17-24..We are looking forward to our visit..Wish we had time and money to also have booked a week at CTI.
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    We will be there one day ahead of you....we will let people know you are in route. Our first and only trip was 4 years ago and we are so excited about getting back. The only thing keeping us from going crazy is the pre-Jamaica trip to Florida for the week of St. Patty's Day---100% Irish here!

    We have 4 kids, the last 2 are getting ready to graduate high that has held us back from a lot of long trips. We are toying with one week at CN and one at CTI next year....or the year after at the latest. We will have to see how you liked it.

    When we left CN four years ago, we looked at each other and said "ya mon" were coming back. We are just waiting to see if we have that same instant attraction that will bring us back again.

    See you in 36 days.

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    Default Thats the trip we're taking

    Hi TW -

    CN and CSS! That's the trip I'm booking for December. We love CN, but want to try the other side of the island for a few days. Let us know how the transfer is. I've read an early transfer works better, but I'm interested to hear your take on it.

    Enjoy yourselves - give Elkie big hugs!


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    Keith and I will be at CTI 4/18-4/26. Are you going to come visit for a day? Got to get more hugging pictures with you!

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    so sad that we will not be seeing you at csa my hubby and I will be there April 11-19. maybe do a day trip to csa and see how many team usa people, or message board users, that you can locate...hug and take pictures with.

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    Tommy we miss you and Peggy by a week at CSS. We will leave hugs for you all over the resort. Thanks for helping us take a look at CSS instead of CTI.From all we have read and heard about this place we can not wait to see it. Soon we will meet in person again can not wait. Dave and Linda

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    OK, You are a very lucky guy to be able to go for two weeks to two fabulous resorts. But I guess you already know that.

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    John/Martina...Ok,you save me a seat on the beach and have me a Salty Dog ready..Ruff Ruff
    Beergirl..I will let you know how the transfer goes.
    suzancr...We are doing a Trading Places Day over to CTI on Wednesday the 21st...Sure would love to meet you two and get me a hug.
    goodygirl...We probably will not do a day trip to CSA this year but then again WE MIGHT.
    lamdam..How are my two favorite witches doing?Dave,what dates are you and Linda going to CSS?Be sure to seek out CSS's GM Pierra Battalgia and tell him hi for Tommywommy
    Jimnmariann..When are we going to meet at a Couples resort??

    Aww...The Couples Resorts..Where I find true happiness each and every visit.

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