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    Default Thanks and 30-Day Dance

    First, a big thanks to everyone who takes time to post on this board, often answering questions that have been asked over and over (which probably included some of mine). Although this will be our first trip, I feel like I'm already an expert. I know what kind of bug spray to bring, how much cash I'll need, when to make my reservations for the restaurants, who and how much to tip, all about the secret private dinner I've planned, etc, etc. Once again a BIG THANKS to all the Couples veterans.

    That being said, I've just finished the 30-day dance, which was a cross between the twist, the robot and Elaine's horrid display of dance on Seinfeld. Thirty Days from today, barring anything unexpected, we'll be arriving at the Couples lounge awaiting our transfer with a cold red Stripe in hand. With unseasonable cold weather and lots of snow here in NC, its just making me all the more anxious to hop on the plane. Can't wait to leave!!!

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    Default Doing the 28 day dance!!

    Congrats on your decision to go to Couples, you will not regret it! We went to CSA in June 2007 and have been dreaming ever since of returning and now we will be back in 28 days(not sure which resort yet, secret rendezvous)and I know we will not be disappointed, especially with all of this snow in NC! I found a lot of great info on the MB and became slightly addicted if you want to know the truth. Thanks to everyone from me as well!!!

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    Default Where in NC?

    Oh Yeah, where are you from in NC? We are in Charlotte but we are from Florida originally and not used to so much cold-ready for the Jamaica sun! And I have to say Go Bucs!

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    It will be our first trip as well, to CSS in April (33 days!) and thanks to everyone for posting and responding. I've learned a lot too.

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    Gopanthers - I have been searching for your dance on youtube without success - can you please post the direct link for all to enjoy. I want to be sure to practice before our 30 day mark (I can do the twist/robot ok, but the Elaine "dance" has me stumped!). Enjoy your trip!

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    We are also doing the 30 day dance today (not a pretty site). Even know this is our 8th trip to couples it feels like our first with all we can think about is how much we are gonna enjoy a week in our home away from home. You will just love couples as we did our first time 26 years ago and many more times since.

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    That is soooo perfectly said!!! I am a first timer and tomorrow will be my 30 day count!!!! woohoo!!!!! Thank you to everyone on this board for truly everything! This is the best message board ever!

    What resort are you staying at? We will be at CSA. Funny enough, my school mascot that I teach at is the panther! I actually don't know what exact bugspray or how much cash, so could you let me in on the secret? Thanks!!!!
    Have a wonderful trip and maybe I will see you there!

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    Tallman, here is the link to Elaine portion of my dance

    sopra, live in High Point. We'll be flying out of Charlotte. The Bucs??? Ouch!!!

    kak, staying at CSA as well. On the bug spray, no particular name brand but definitely between 15 and 40 percent DEET. On the cash $200-300 for tips (for the shuttle driver, cat cruise staff, spa staff, etc...the non Couples staffs basically), buying any merchandise on the beach, etc seems to be the consensus

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