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    Default Couples website vs. Travel Agent

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there a big difference between booking their couples website vs. a travel agent? Seems like both have insurance,etc.. Thanks for your help.

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    Compare the trip insurance rates(usually have to do a "mock"book through 1st) seems that both of the online TAs I've used charge around $350+ for the 2 of us for a 9 day stay...where as the same ins. through couples was $158....other than that, the rates are pretty much the same...So far, I've been too chicken to book w/out insurance

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    In both cases, you have an advocate (well most TA's will provide that service) who can help you out if something should go wrong with your travel arrangements. Pricewise, there should be a minimum difference. I'm told that some agencies will be able to provide a better price based on volume sales, but I don't know that I can quantify it.

    Some folks just like to "roll their own", and for various reasons (price, favorite TA, availability of TA, use of FF miles, etc., etc., etc.). It really depends on your comfort level with a TA or with working directly with Couples.

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    My TA is consistently less expensive then the website.

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    Default Online Travel Agent

    I know we are not allowed to mention any company names or websites, but I have found an online travel agent offering a lower rate than the Couples website.

    Has anyone had any luck with this?

    Thanks in advance for your responses!

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    Default Been twice.

    We've been to CTI twice and I got a better deal through a travel agent both times, mind you it was a travel agent I found from the Couples website but cheaper none the less.

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    We always save a couple hundred by booking through a travel agent vs the resort.
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    We have booked on Couples website both times and always seem to get a better deal plus if you call they are so helpful.

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    I guess it depends on where you are flying out from. We fly out of St. Louis airport, and are limited to which airlines fly out from there. We can get a direct flight on a USA3000 (Ryan Airlines?) but you have to book through an agent or company like apple or funjet.
    I suggest you shop around yourself, call an agent too to get prices and see what you come up with. Most of the time, those companies will match the price of what you find.
    Good luck and I hope this helped!

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    Before a couple of days ago, I had never even spoken with a travel agent, so my experience is not that great. However, I did just receive a quote back from one I had been talking to and she was about $250 more than what I would have paid to book through the website. In my research, I think the price difference was partially from the travel insurance. If I am remembering correctly, through Couples, it's roughly $180 for two people and my travel agent told me through her, the insurance could be around $250-300 depending on the package we booked. So, needless to say, it looks like I am going to be booking directly through Couples...which seems to be the best thing to do after reading around on these boards.

    Good luck!

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    I actually booked via the website. I tried some of the travel sites online and none of them were carrying the special that the couples site was running that day. I wound up saving $200pp. I also booked the airfare separately because I couldn't get the flights I wanted via the couples website.

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    i booked through costco travel and they dont offer insurance for th etrip for calif residents ! does Couples offer insurance? did get a good price i think

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