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    Default Any recent Repeaters at CSA?

    If so, can you tell me about the t-shirts? I've read that some resorts have a woman's cut t-shirt... is CSA one of them? I want to pre check-in, but I'm not sure what t-shirt size to order. I've read they shrink... is this correct?

    Thanks in advance.
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    We just got back from CSA on Sunday. The repeaters tee was the regular man's cut. The only time we ever got the woman's cut was last year at CSS.

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    LMAO, I was JUST thinking I needed to ask the husband if he had a preference on what I register for for the repeater perk and thought "I wonder what the shirts are like these days?"

    I too would be curious about the size as they gave me a small last time and it's never fit, and they were all men's cut (which is fine with me). Last I heard they said something like "very important couple" - can someone confirm? Honestly, I don't relish the prospect of wearing a shirt with that on it back home. Could be a deal breaker on what I end up picking.'s the little things I get all hung up on sometimes.

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    We were there around Christmas and didn't have the option to get a woman's cut tshirt, and yes they shrink terribly (sorry, not dissing on the tshirts - we appreciate them!!!). I got a medium which has now turned into a small or extra small. However, I will say that CSA has the best selection of resort apparel I have seen (haven't been to CTI so I can't speak for them). I got the most awesome black tshirt with the silhouette of a couple on the front in red, green and yellow and on the back it has Couples Swept Away on it! (When I say resort apparel I mean ones you can buy in the gift shop).

    The tshirts we rec'd this past trip were the "very important couple" ones. Luckily we already had some from previous trips since mine will fit a 10 year old now.

    I would suggest being generous with the size because it will shrink. Better for it to be a bit too big than too tight to wear.
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    if those particular shirts are available, you are always welcome to exchange them as well you can always request a different size once you arrive, the shirts seem to run a tad small but never really found them to shrink much

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    I'd like to know this too. I would much rather have a women's cut t-shirt because they fit better. Hopefully someone will know the answer to this.

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    We received the same style of t-shirt the last two years. Make sure to mark down a size larger than you normally wear. They really shrink once washed.

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    lol... sounds like I'll be getting a new nightshirt. I wish they would offer a woman's cut or maybe a tank top like they have in the gift shop.
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    They have a big Couples twisted palm logo on the back and then a smaller one on the upper right front. On the front, it says "very important couple" under the palms.

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    Smoo, yes the shirts say very important couple. we have the shirts, always in mens cut and they do shrink. liked the old ones better, tropical deja vu. they also are not resort specific. i understand Couples keeping costs down by not making a shirt for each resort, but they have been the same shirt for a while now.


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    Thanks for the info! I agree, I liked the "tropical deja vu." Oh well, there are other options, which is nice.

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