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Thread: CSA or CTI ?

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    Default CSA or CTI ?

    CSA or CTI ?
    Which would you recommend for a 1st wedding anniversary stay?

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    Really depends on what you are looking for. CSA is a larger resort with a beach that you can stroll for miles on, and CTI is a secluded smaller resort, that is the best ever

    Seriously though, do your homework so you know what your getting out of each resort, find the one that matches you and yours and go for it. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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    Wow LJ tough question. We've been to both and liked CSA better, but there are diehard CTI lovers out there. If sunbathing nude is your thing CTI is for you. If long walks on an awesome beach and spa/workout facilities that can't be beat are your thing then CSA is for you. CTI is more intimate and CSA is more spreadout. Look at the website pictures or get a Couples brochure from your local travel agent like we did and one of them will call your names.
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    That is a very hard question to answer without any idea of what you really like. My suggestion to you is to really research both of the resorts on this website. Also, look at as many pictures of both resorts as you possibly can (there are tons available on Trip Advisor). Both of the resorts are wonderful and you likely wouldn't be disappointed at either, but as you research, one will probably begin to "speak to you" more than the other. Go to that one!

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    LJohn, not having yet visited Couples, let alone Jamaica for that matter, I too pondered which of the four resorts to commit to for our big 25 next year. One thing you have going for you is that you've already narrowed it down to two of them, so the battle is half over. Folks are right when they say if you keep reading up and researching, one of them should "call out" to you.

    Ok, so you won't actually receive a strange message in your head from the netherworld telling you which of the resorts to choose. But as you read up on what each of them has to offer and begin to weigh the importance of the resorts' various features and functions, something will finally click inside, letting you know that this is the one. That's the "calling out" part.

    My only suggestion: Determine the features, activities, excursions, etc that matter most to you, then see which of the two resorts best fits your needs. Most likely that will be the resort you select. But as many have also said, you won't go wrong no matter which one you choose. Good luck and enjoy!

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    Thanks all for your feedback.. although both were appealing, we finally booked at CSA.

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    Ron & Rosa 25 touched a little on what I was going to suggest checking out. The inclusions are what help a lot of people decide. You can see them in this link:

    Hope this helps and congratulations!

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    I don't buy the argument that people often use about CSA being less "intimate" than the other resorts because it is larger and more spread out. In our experience, the layout of CSA actually helps with the "intimate" factor. With it being so spread out, you never feel like others are on top of you and you always can find that spot for you and your other to be alone in paradise.

    Either way, you can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts.

    They all have their +/- so I would research both and look at as many pictures that you can. Pick the one that stands out to you. Don't let others decide for you.

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    Default CTI or CSA?


    Been to CTI and will be going to CSA in April. CTI is nice and cozy. Smaller property with smaller beach and a high rise hotel look. Friends of ours have been to CSA and liked it due to being more spread out. I agree with aurxdoc05 and steveg52 as well as Ron & Rosa your homework and see what's important to you. Been to 2 of the 4 Couples resorts and haven't been disappointed yet!!

    Enjoy your anniversary!!

    Bart and Bug

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    Coke or Pepsi? That's the closest you'll come to deciding. There are folks here who swear that CSA/CTI/CN/CSS (take your pick) is the best. Start with one and then try the others; you won't go wrong with any choice!
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    I'd recommend CSA

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