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    Default Airfare from Upstate NY

    I was just wondering what the average airfare people have paid from upstate NY to MBJ - leaving 4/10/2010 for a week. Trying to gage when to book the air - already have our Room - 288 days to go! 2nd timers - Thanks!

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    You need to shop around. Different departure days offer different rates.

    Check out Jet Blue. I understand they may have some deals going on.

    We are flying out of Boston/Logan International via US Air and they are currently showing $208 PP one way. Hope that helps you.

    287 days to go.

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    We almost always fly US Air from Rochester thru Charlotte (or Philly when necessary). The airfare (w/ taxes) usually comes to about $405 - 425 per person. I notice no real difference in price for the time of year either. BUT, you sometimes have to wait til the prices drop -- I've seen them as high as $700 per person !! Yikes, no way !!

    We've flown Delta a few times (thru Atlanta) & that's right about the same price range.


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    Thanks, I'll look around - trying to save a little these days - you never know!

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    Depending on how far upstate you are, you may want to check flying West Jet out of Toronto (direct to Mobay). We just booked for Oct for less that $800 Can (that's the total for both of us!!)

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    We paid $438 pp round trip from Buffalo for our upcoming october trip.

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    Default upstate

    I check pretty frequently on travel websites and We are closest to Syracuse, but last year drove to Philly for a direct flight. It was so much less stressful!!! There are hotels that offer stay, park, fly rates that are little more than parking at the airport.

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    We are still looking around. Leaving from Rochester, NY 4/9/2010 staying at CTI for 1 week, and then attending a destination wedding in MoBay for 4 days.
    through prices have been around $420-$440 RT/PP. We have been told by a friend that works for continental, that prices are usually lowest about 4 months out from your trip, which would be December for us. I just keep monitoring prices. Im hoping jet blue has some specials to MBJ. Lets just keep our fingers crossed

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    JFK 408.00 For August

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