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    Default Cant wait for April 3rd CSA Here We Come!!

    My wife and I are anxiously counting down the days until we get to go to CSA, standing in a BFVS, rum/coke in one hand my wife's hand in the other its going to be paradise!! Cant wait to go to Ricks cafe to jump off the cliffs. My wife has been to Negril once with her friends from collage and said it was amazing.
    We've been reading the message boards and Tripadvisor for the past few months to remind us of how wonderful this trip is going to be. CSA here we come!!

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    kirky Welcome to the Swept Away family! You will absolutely love CSA - the staff is the nicest we have ever encountered on vacation, the beach is gorgeous, the food great and the martini bar unreal. Ask any questions you want to, everyone on this board is so helpful. We will be heading to Swept Away for the second time in February. You will LOVE IT!

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    Awesome! Have a blast.

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    Well be there on the same day (April 3rd)....with cold beer in hand. These message boards are great, huh? We'll see ya then.

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    Heading to CSA April 2-9, 1st timers. Can't wait. We've been to CSS the last 3 years and CN the 2 before that. Can't wait for the beautiful Negril beach & sunset.....and food....and swim up bar....and drinks....and snorkling.....did I mention the beach??

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    Have a great time. After our 1st visit to a couples resort(CSA) this past Decemeber we were hooked and have already booked our return trip.

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    we will be there from the 5th to will also be our first time!!!! We too are excited for cliff jumping! See you there!!

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    My husband and I are going to csa april 3-8 as well cant wait for vacation. yay see you there

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    5th visit home for us, Sal & Wendy Randazzo, April 1st thru the 8th. See ya'll on the beach! If we meet @ the Sunset Bar, the drinks are on us! Yippee!! 28 sleeps. Happy Valentines Day. Razzl

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    Default Return from CSA

    We were at CSA Jan. 31- Feb. 7.......our first time. I doubt that I would want to go anywhere else from now on. It was fabulous, much more than I would ever expect !!!!! Our room was 4121 BFVS, and I highly recommend it. Stepped off our verandah and onto the beach. I could go on and on, but I will say that you won't be disappointed in anything ! You will fall in love with it !!!!! Enjoy !!!!!

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    Well hell with all these people going on the same date, maybe we can have a cold one together. I'll be the short guy (about 5'5") with dark hair and a somewhat stocky build. 40 years old. My wife is the same height as me. I'll be the one sleeping late and she'll be the one up early getting the chairs for us (that early riser stuff drives me crazy). Don't hesitate to walk up to me and ask "hey are you gopanthers on the Couples message board." Kirky, I'm excited about jumping off the cliffs too.

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    We will be there from April 6-13. See you there ;0)!

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    Oops, Typo on my end. Yesterday was 48 sleeps, not 28. Wishful thinking on my part am sure. Today = 47 but who's counting. See everyone on the beach!!! Razzl

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    We will be at CSA 3-29 until 4-5 staying in an Atrium suite, see you at the swim up

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    Hey everyone - myself and my husband will be at CSA on 18th April and being first time to Jamaica we cannot wait. We will be the UK couple - late 20's looking confused no doubt - so if you see us wondering or have any tips like how to get the best quality - high end drinks hidden under the bar perhaps - please let us know - give us a nudge and tell us! We don't want to be the newbies who miss out on stuff like that.

    Re the cliff diving - I'm abit worried - a few years ago we went on holiday in Spain i think - there is a huge natural waterfall where a popular UK shampoo brand filmed an advert - with a women diving into this waterfall - and everyone was jumping off into the water - husband does it and fractured a bone in his foot as is so tall and hit the bottom - that was a fun holiday!!!! So don't know if can take the stress again!!!! x

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    we will be there on april 11-19. cant wait. hope to meet some MB friends.

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    Clairebear ~ No need to look under the bar for the good stuff. Couples puts everything in front of you and holds nothing back! They are awesome that way.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Just added another day in Paradise. We're now going Thursday April 1-9 instead of 2-9. We just wanted to be rested up for the beach bash on Friday at CSA!!

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    43 beach flags and seats at swim up bar we will see you soon!

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    Default 40 More Days!!

    Cant believe that in 40 days Ill be laying on the seven mile beach with a Red Stripe and a plate of Jerk chicken!! SWEET!!

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    We arrive at CSA April 14th...we'll be good and relaxed by then as we will have been at CN from the 7-14th...couldn't decide between the two so are doing both. One of the main reasons...wanted a chance to meet some new people! With that said, hope some of you are up few rounds ar the pool bar and with any luck we'll have some fun times after the sun goes down at Aura Lounge! Who's in?

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    My wife and I are flying in on March 27th and staying until April 6th. After hearing how wonderful everthing is from my Aunt (who has been every year for the last 3 years) I really can't wait. Time to get away from the cold northeast and the office ratrace! See you all at the swim up bar!

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    Default Wrong dates bud!

    Quote Originally Posted by nvang13 View Post
    My wife and I are flying in on March 27th and staying until April 6th. After hearing how wonderful everthing is from my Aunt (who has been every year for the last 3 years) I really can't wait. Time to get away from the cold northeast and the office ratrace! See you all at the swim up bar!
    Hi Honey - I love you, but WE'LL be ther from 2/27 - 3/6 ;o)

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    We'll be returning for a second time on 03/17. We were there in Nov. 2009for the first time and booked our return trip a month after we returned home. I'd read this MB before our Nov. trip and couldn't understand how people could return to the same resort time and time again. We live to travel all over the caribbean and couldn't imagine returning so soon. If you haven't been there yet, I have only 5 words......"Once you go, you know!!!" I can't wait until our return.

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    Default Hi From James and Nicola

    Hi all you Couples crew, we are going to CSA March 22nd to April 5th. Can't wait now only 4 weeks to go!

    We are from the UK, and are newbies, first time to CSA. Say hi or give a wave if you see us around.

    See you at home soon

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