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    Default CSA Review and pictures 2/18 - 2/25

    Thanks for the help and information I received on this board! We had a wonderful time!

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    I posted this yesterday, but for some reason the link to my review and pictures dud not show up. Here it is:

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    the suspense is killing me....

    where's the rest of this post???

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    OMG, this is one of the most detailed reviews I have read in a long time along with the great pictures. Thanks for taking the time to go into so much detail. I can't wait to get back to CSA!!! Question, was that Edwardo in the pic holding the bottle of Grey Goose? If so what bar is he at now. He was at the swim up bar in Oct 08.

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    Patricia - great link and pics! I can't wait till our return in May! I think we were in the same bldg last time that you were for this trip. I think our room number was 3304...Looks like you had a WONDERFUL trip!

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    Great review!! Nice picture too, you should definitely enter some in the monthly contest, I see some potential winners! I saw packets of Equal in one of the foodie pix, glad to know I dont have to pack any!! 6 more days and I'll be there!!

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    By far the BEST review I have ever seen! Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review with organized photos. My favorite quote " I was never made to feel guilty because the only pool exercise I wanted was to rise a glass to my lips." You are my kind of gal!

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    Great review & pics, thanks. Heading to CSA for our first time in 27 days and it was very helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
    I posted this yesterday, but for some reason the link to my review and pictures dud not show up. Here it is:
    How did you make your pictures look like paintings. I noticed you were on a mac was it in photshop and if so what is the effect used. Thanks awsome review, getting me so excited to return..

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    going to csa in april. This was the best review, so detailed. You totally included everything I wanted to ask but never did. Thanks so much.

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    Wow what a fantastic job you did with the details and pictures. You should enter the photo contest. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow...thanks, everyone for your kind comments! It's appreciated very much. I told Wally to slap me upside the head if I ever try to take so many pictures again on a 7-night vacation. LOL!

    Yes, I use a Mac laptop and desktop, and I use Photoshop. The pictures that look "doctored" are the result of some Photoshop post-processing plug-ins. I used 'Topaz 3' on several in this gallery. Thanks so much for the compliments.

    The "Grey Goose" photo was at the Martini Bar, and yes, that was Edwardo. You can't tell by the photo, but he was wearing his name tag upside down! When I told him Sandals had stopped carrying Grey Goose, he immediately retrieved the two bottles, and gave us that beautiful smile you see in the picture.

    I just have to say again that everyone employed at CSA went out of their way to be friendly and helpful.

    If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. We had a wonderful time at SA, and I truly appreciated all the information I found here on this board prior to our vacation.

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    Thanks for the info on Edwardo. He was one of my favorites in 08. I just booked a surprise birthday trip for my husband in May and was wondering if some of my favorite staff was still there. We'll be visiting the Martini Bar for sure!!

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    Great Review! Loved the pictures... Especially the Grey Goose Just emailed the link to the hubby to look too! Can you say 30 days to go!!

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    Great review and great pictures. We're hoping to go to CSA this year for our anniversary in November. We went to CTI for our honeymoon and are anxious to get back to Couples

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    Patricia, Thanks for the great pictures and the review. Looks like you and Wally had a great time!
    My Husband Chris and I will be arriving at CSA on April 16th for the first time. We will be meeting some friends of ours who will be arriving on the 18th. It will be their first time also.

    We have got alot of good information on CSA from great people like you who, take the time to post reviews and photos.
    So again THANK YOU!!!!

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