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    Better late then never.

    What Couples mean to us..
    #1. We found a quiet spot one afternoon at the Grotto.
    #2. Enjoying each others company on floats.
    #3. Fun on Sunset Beach.. Fully clothed of course.
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    Name:  couples negril 192.jpg
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Size:  39.9 KBsunset after catamaran cruise couples negril

    Name:  jamacia tower isle 072.jpg
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Size:  63.0 KBpool in our courtyard so peaceful tower isle

    Name:  swept away xmas 2008 446.jpg
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Size:  42.1 KBsunset at couples swept away

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    Default Sara and Lee in March at CTI

    We stayed at CTI in March, and were married there on the 15th. Our best memories were from the time we spent together just hanging out on the balcony and watching the world of CTI.

    1. Photo of the first sunrise we viewed from our balcony on day one.
    2. Photo of the beachfront with overcast sky but very beautiful scenery and view to behold.
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    Default Memoriables moments

    1. The waves doesn't washed away everything...
    2. Wedding joy
    3. Fly in da sky..
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    Default CTI March 1 to 8

    Here are a few photos from our visit to Tower Isle March 1 to 8. There were 4 of us this year for our Couples trip, for my husband and I it was our third trip to Couples. This year, we brought along a new generation of Couples travelers.

    We even had fun during the rain! Here is my son and his girlfriend contemplating the week a head!

    Name:  100_2045.jpg
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    Honestly, we thought we could never get up the courage, but we did, we got up the courage and conquered Tower Isle. I think we smiled the entire trip!

    Name:  100_2103.jpg
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    Everywhere at CTI there is wonderful ocean front. We really loved this trip.

    Name:  100_2172.jpg
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    1) Beautiful sunset @ CSA

    2) This one has always been special to us, because we were @ CSA celebrating our 10th anniversary, and this couple was fortunate enough to get married @ CSA earlier that day. They'll have the memories from Jamaica forever...

    3) Walkways at CSA @ night are just as beautiful!

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    Default CSS Feb 2010 - Our wedding

    1. This is now my desktop picture
    2. What a great place CSS is for getting married.
    3. Almost 19th century"ish" charm at CSS
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    Default Our new home away from home

    We renewed our vows after 2 years of marriage and a beautiful 2 year old son and finally took our honeymoon March 1-6 at CSS. It was by far the most romantic vacation we've ever taken.

    There's breathtaking views at every turn. Especially off the well beaten path.
    Exploring (or being explored) at the grotto... Here fishy, fishy, fishy
    One of the many gorgeous tropical blooms of Jamaica
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    Default Couples Sans Souci - Paradise Found

    1) Mineral Pool Romance
    2) Main Beach Relaxation
    3) Fitness Beach Tranquility
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    Couples Tower Isle March 1st - 10th. Loved it & can't wait to go back again! Have many more to post.
    1. On Tower Isle to Resort
    2. Main Pool Day
    3. Dock
    4. Beach & Bay side Restaurant
    5. Resort to Tower Isle
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    Default This Proves Paradise is not Lost

    Name:  23820032.jpg
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    Name:  23820024.jpg
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    Name:  23820013_0001.jpg
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    Default Jan 21 - 31 - CSS - wonderful vacation

    We loved CSS (about to book 2011):
    1. View from our room - absolutely amazing.
    2. Sunset over the pond
    3. We loved the mineral pool - our favorite chairs from a different perspective
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    Default March Photo Contest Entry - Picture Perfect!

    A perfect sunset spent a a perfect resort, especially made for Couples. Absolute heaven on earth!!!
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    Default Awesome 30th anniversary @ Couples Tower Isles

    We had the most awesome romantic and fun time again at Tower Isle celebrating our 30th anniversary. We like to try out new resorts on every vacation but once we visited Tower Isle for my 50th birthday last August and found paradise, why look further or go anywhere else? These are just 3 photos of the fun we had sailing, swimming in the ocean and relaxing under gorgeous palm trees and blue skies.
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    Default Great time at CTI 8th - 22nd March 2010.

    Captions for photographs.

    1. Thank heavens someone can understand me.

    2. I used to think you had to be one to drink it.

    3. For God's sake, which way did you say the beach was?

    All the best to all the wonderful people we met and made a rally good holiday perfect.

    Lorna & Dougie.
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    Visited CSS Feb 13-20. Took a while to get all the pic's out of the camera.
    We didn't have the best weather, but we had a fantastic time!
    The Dr bird was really hard to catch still!
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    Default Photo Contest Entries - Couples Swept Away visit from 3/12/10 - 3/19/10

    This was our second visit to CSA, the first being our honeymoon. It was just as beautiful and perfect as we remembered it.

    1. Relaxing in a hammock that hangs between two palm trees on the beach. Can you say perfect?
    Name:  Hammock.jpg
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    2. The beautiful view from our verandah around sunset.
    Name:  View.JPG
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    3. What we see when we look up while laying in a hammock
    Name:  PalmsSky.JPG
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    Default Just got back!

    Our second visit 3/12 - 3/20/09 - already looking to book for next year!

    The sunsets never get old!
    Tyed dyed sunset!
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    Default Best vacation ever!

    *Every day's a celebration
    *A dream come true
    *Colorful personalities everywhere

    We will definitely be back to CSS next year and for many years to come!
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    What room category and building number were you in? I love that view.

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    JumpinJen - we were in Block E. We booked ocean suite and asked for a good vie. We got upgraded to penthouse (it was great). We were in E15. The only drawback was our room was on the end and the bedroom window faced the balloon bar and the speakers for the night show. It got loud (sometimes late from the bar). We are not night owls but we loved the view too much to move. (We really enjoyed the nights of the Starlight Gala and the Beach Party because the party went to Sunset Beach).

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    Default Couples Negril

    Couples Negril March 21-28, 2010

    This was our first Jamaican adventure (also our honeymoon) and my wife and I were blown away by the quality of the overall package and especially the staff. We definitely made some new friends for life! Thank you.

    Adam and Lindsey Tharp

    1) My wife and I really enjoyed watching the day melt away, together, snuggled in this hammock.

    2) Get lit at Couples Resorts...why not? Its all inclusive!

    3) This banister cap had a significant impact on us, so we had to photograph its beauty.

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