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    Beautiful Floral at Couples Swept Away. This was our first stay . . . we will be back.
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    1. "Night skies under bright palm trees."

    2. "If you need me, you can find me in the ocean"

    3. "A lit path that Swept us Away"
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    Default Couples Swept Away - February 2010

    Same here.. It was our first time at Couples Resorts (we stayed at Swept Away 9th - 23rd Feb) and we cannot wait til we return..
    We WILL be back... x

    1) Me and Him walking hand in hand during the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen

    2) Me relaxing in total paradise

    3) Just as the Sun was saying 'Goodbye'.. the Moon was coming out and saying 'Hi'
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    Default Most wonderful vacation!!

    1. Laying in one of the hammacks at CSA looking up at the beautiful blue sky.
    2. My husband enjoying a quiet moment
    3. The most beautiful sunset our first night at CSA
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    Accidental double post. Please delete.
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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    1. Sun in the Clouds over Couples Tower Isle
    2. Curling up with a wave
    3. Coming ashore at CTI
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    Default Feb 19-26 at CTI

    Here are some shots of the beautiful scenry we experienced at CTI - I can't wait to go back!
    1. Amazing View from our room
    2. My Favority Pool
    3. Loved this when we walked into our room
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    Default CSA - February 2010

    Our first time at Couples Resorts. We stayed at Swept Away 9th - 23rd February 2010.

    We will be back...!!
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    Default Photo Contest

    First time at a Couples, 20th wedding anniversary. CSA Feb 20-26, 2010
    Unreal sunsets and contrasts. Idyllic relaxing and beautiful

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    Default Photos

    CSA Feb 20-26.
    1) Gentle Power - we were amazed at the depth of colors
    2) Sigh - so peaceful
    3) Longing to Return - and fill those 2 empty chairs

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    Default Couples Negril

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    How gorgeous, picture perfect!

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    I Do!

    Name:  Jamaica 258.jpg
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    Poolside in Negril!

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    Default CSS January 22-29/2010

    Our first trip to Couples and Jamaica. So many great memories,we will be back for more.
    1. A tentative bird at the lake.

    2. A lovely view of the chess board with sailors in the background.

    3. The beautiful garden and bridge at the entrance to the lobby at CSS.
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    Default Our trip to heaven!

    We stayed at Couples Swept Away from Dec 27 thru Jan 3. We can not wait to get back.

    The first picture was taken by my husband using the self timer on the camera. It was fun watching him run back and for to the camera for the perfect shot.
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    The sunset coming in over a great drink.
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    A man with a tune.
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    Default Couples Negril

    1. A wonderful Valentines Day!
    2. Looking up at the crystal chandelier hanging in the piano room.
    3. A fun morning of snorkeling.
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    Default March Photo Contest

    These pictures were taken at CN, October 2009.
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    Default Beautiful, Romantic, Dreamy..

    Couples Swept Away-our new favorite place. We are getting married here March 1, 2011

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    Default March Photo Contest

    Photos taken last month....
    1. Yehmon
    2. Beautiful Moon returning from the sunset Katamaran cruise:
    3. Red stripe sunburn
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    Default March photo contest , Couples Swept Away Feb 2010

    Great trip to Couples Swept Away in late February.

    1. Swaying in a hammock on our last day

    2. One of many great sunsets

    3. View of boat and tree returning from beach shopping
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    Default Couples Tower Isle Oct 6-13, 2009

    1. Celebrating our honeymoon at couples we displayed our wedding date in the game lounge

    2. While hanging on the island we found a little friend

    3. Relaxing in the main lobby
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    Default The most beautiful view in the world!

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    Default fun photos

    Our first trip to Swept Away but not our last. We are booked for Nov 2010 again and plan on having even more fun this time. Can't wait to hit the beach with the lovely misses on one side and a cold red stripe in my hand!
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    1. On our honeymoon, we fell in love with the breathtaking sunsets. In this picture, we are holding the Jamaican sunset in the palm of our hands!
    2. We wrote our names in the sand. The couples logo symbolizes our unity and love!
    3. Another breathtaking sunset from underneath our umbrella. It doesn't get any better than this!
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    Default Couples Negril we love you! Feb. 19 - 26, 2010

    One of the many beautiful sunsets, while we are at the pool bar with our friends!

    Our last romantic night, for this year - already longing for next year's visit!

    The view from our fantastic home away-from-home, like heaven on earth!
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    Default Couples San Souci March 7th -14th 2010

    Here are some pictures from our wonderful vacation at san souci some of the beautiful flowers that was on the couples san souci resort.
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    Default from up-north

    enjoy the pictures from CSA
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