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    I have so many pictures from all of our trips to CN and I can not wait to take some more. But these are a couple of my favorite sunsets. For me I can just here the quiet, murmur of voices as the day winds done, the clink of glass as the tables are being set up for dinner. For me this is the perfect time to be on the beach.
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    Default Couples San Souci march 7th _14th Happy Days

    [QUOTE=rocketrosie;59480]Here are some pictures from our wonderful vacation at sans souci the property was so beautiful!
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    Default Photo Contest

    1. If you listen close you can hear the sun when it meets the water...sizzle
    2. Chillin is what I do
    3. Score!!
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    Default From Sept/Oct 2009

    Here are a few of the pictures taken during our 1st time at CSA in Sept 2009 for our 25th wedding anniversary. Hope you like them.

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    Mark & Kay

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    Default Our other family and home, Sans Souci, Jamaica

    Every time we enter the gates of Sans Souci, we've come home to our Jamaican family.
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    Default Couples Negril 2009

    Hard to pic just 3 pictures from hundreds.
    Gail on the sunset cruise.
    Full moon on the beach
    Wonderful food
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    Default Couples Swept Away- 20th Anniversary 11/2009

    Home away from home! Yeahhhh mon
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    1. A beautiful view of CTI as the sun rises
    2. our favourite spot all week long
    3. Pina colodas in front of CTi
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    Default Beach Vendors at CSA in December 2009

    For every one person who declares himself annoyed by beach vendors, I have to assume there are two who appreciate the presence of real Jamaica. Who understand the delicate give and take of an island that survives on its welcoming nature, its ability to share itself. There must be many like me, who are captivated by the spirit, the rhythm, the real hearts and souls of Jamaica...swept away by the by the very thought of being a part of it.

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    Default Couples Sans Souci January 23-30 2010

    Just three of the many things we loved about Couples Sans Souci in January 2010

    1. The wonderful Spa - Shhh Do Not Disturb!

    2. The awesome sunsets from our balcony at the end of the day

    3. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones
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    Default Couples Swept Away Feb 28th - March 7th

    We celebrate our 20th anniversary with our first trip to Jamaica and CSA. Needless to say we are now "Coupleholics" for life.

    1. All our dreams came true at CSA
    2. Another sunset is "Swept Away", tomorrow will be another beautiful day
    3. We looked forward to every night being a "date night"
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    Default CSA March 10th thru the 15th

    1.Sunset rays at CSA
    2.Todd and Penny enjoying final sunset
    3.Winston.The martini bartender which makes the CSA experience one to remember.
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    Default Sans Souci late February

    1) Agave ... what a welcome!
    2) Stairway to paradise.
    3) Mineral pool or Caribbean, what a choice.
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    Default Heaven on Earth...aka "The View from our Balcony at Swept Away"

    We can't wait to come back home!
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    Default March Contest

    A fantastic vacation at CTI in January 2010. Thank you Couples!

    1. Cheers!
    2. Bayside HDR
    3. Lighted Path
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    #1. The rain was worth it! The rainbow was beautiful!

    #2. Found some shade under the palm tree

    #3. Bob Marley's!! So yummy but very hard to explain to the bartenders at home!
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    Default March photo contest Couple Tower Isle

    #1. The rain was worth it! The rainbow was beautiful!
    #2. Found some shade under a palm tree!
    #3. Bob Marley's! So yummy, but very hard to explain to the bartenders back home!
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    Default Loving Couple at Couples San Souci

    We were first time guests at CSS Feb 6-26. Our trip was fabulous, February 2011 can't get here soon enough.

    The romance at CSS is contagious, I caught these turtles getting into the Valentine spirit at the CSS lake.

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    Kris and Jamie Land
    Oct...well...every year.
    Can't wait to come home...


    -Afternoon reflections

    "What do we do when it rains?" Enjoy the beauty you see and the beauty that is your better half.

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    Default march photo contest :)

    We stayed at Couples Negril from March 3-10. We are in our early twenties but did not feel out of place for a second. We enjoyed our stay and were so grateful to all of the amazing staff!!

    The first photo is where we found ourselves enjoying our books or watching the waves once we had enough sun for the day. The second one is one of our first few days and finding one of many Hammocks was a joy! The last one is waiting to leave enjoying the beautiful view of Couples Negril wondering when we would be lucky enough to go back. Hopefully soon.

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    Couples Swept Away

    1)I want to put this in my pocket for all those times I am feeling under pressure! Hammock! "My Bed"
    2)Star's of Couples!
    3)Where is my plane ticket back? Paradise

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    Default our wedding

    january 17-28 @ swept away: our wedding and honeymoon

    staircase in the lobby
    at the pond
    our rings-from our great house balcony
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    Name:  wedding pic.jpg
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    Default Couples San Souci

    Paradise Found and it is located in Jamaica
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