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    Default Is it too early?

    I'm looking at the "early bird booking" with the $500.00 credit, and room upgrade am wondering if anyone else has booked as far away as Nov. 2011? We go the same week every year for the same week and with the love away plan it would be pretty painless.

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    I am looking at booking for next August because of the great deals, so no I don't think you are crazy.

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    Not November but we are booked for April 2011.

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    We booked in April 2009 for November 2010 on the love away plan. By the time your trip comes it's almost all paid for. (airfare excluded)

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    It's not too early if you ask me - the special price is amazing! We booked for January 2011. Just be sure to get insurance! :-)

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    December 2007,2008,2009,2010 and we are booking 2011!

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    We have scheduled Couples Negril for Nov 2011!

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    Too early to book air, but not too early to book the resort....

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    NEVER too early, especially if you are only booking the hotel portion, because you can cancel without penalty. I've booked twice with couples over a year in advance and both times watched the prices over the next year to make sure I got the best deal and both times, there was never a better price to be had. My first trip (which I had to cancel d/t divorce) was booked 11 mo in advance, and my new FIRST trip that is coming up this June was booked LAST april.. so 14 mo in advance. I say, if the prices are offered, especially with the ability to cancel.. put down that deposit! so much fun planning and daydreaming about that day... and then, it'll be here before you know it (ok, not really.. but time does go faster than you expect. I can't believe my vacation is now only 3 mo away! especially after my first vacation was booked back in summer of 06--the one I didn't get to go on---so.. it's been 4 long years of daydreaming and waiting!)

    one recommendation though.... whenever I Book air, especially far in advance, I get travel insurance with cancel-for-any-reason coverage, and I've had to use it.... getting our entire 6K back for that last vacation we didn't take.

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    We are going to be booking November 2011 during this sale :-)

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    We're booked for October 2011. We booked last Oct and then changed for the credit offer.

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    We're thinking the same thing-we'll be at CN in 34 days, but are thinking about booking ahead to April 2011 for the special.

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    Nope, we are booking for May 2011!

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    We are booking for Dec.2011 in a couple of weeks. I just have to book the family summer vacation this weekend first. The kids want to know why our Dec 2010 is booked already and not the summer vacation, so booking 2011 before the 2010 family summer vacation would not be cool. It is a great deal with the $500. credit.

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    We booked 3 trips for 2011! So excited. If something comes up before the final payment...46 days before departure, you can get your money back. We booked X-mas 2011 @ Cn as are final trip in 2011. Now we have so much to look forward to!

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    It's never too early to have something to look forward to.
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    We already booked for April 2011. We go around the same week too, but with the insurance, if we need to adjust by a few days, at least we've locked in the rate.
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    We booked November of 2011 in October 2009 and on the Love Away plan so it is very painless.
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