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    Default recommendations on swimming with Dolphins Near CSS

    I have been looking around,it seems there is a theme type park in or around Ocho Rios/CSS with dolphin swims etc.

    Can anyone tell me more about that and the cost as well as how far from CSS? ANYONE recommend any tour compeny there that seems reliable and resonable in costs - we also want to zip line and maybe ride horses as well as Dunns river falls(does CSS take you to the falls ? whats the cost?)

    ok now i am getting excited and cant wait to get there at the end of april!

    Already been asked by a newpaper and magazine to write up a review. Seems not enough is written about you in southen Calif and New York so i will write one when i return as well as while i am there.

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    Dunn's River is included at CSS, so the only thing you need cash for is to tip your driver and falls guide.

    Chukka offers the zip lining and horseback riding. You can arrange this at the tour desk in the CSS lobby.

    There is also a Dolphin Swim in Ocho Rios, right across from Dunn's, and just a few minutes from CSS. This can also be arranged at the tour desk.

    Additional excursions are anywhere from $80-$100 per person for the ones you mentioned.
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    I too would be interestedin knowing more about the dolphins and cost

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    It is called Dolphin Cove and there is currently one being built on the western side in Lucea which will serve the Negril area.

    You can book your excursion once you get to the resort or if you are planning a group you can pre arrange your excursion thru an off resort tour service. The costs of these can be obtained once you get to the resort.

    Word of caution tho. Don't try and fill everyday with an off resort excursion. You'll miss the experience to be found right on the resort property.

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    check out this thread on it too if you'd like!!

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    I have sent for a quote but I think Hubby and I have decided its not something we will do without the kids. We plan to do it next time we go to Florida.

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    great answers thank you - so the dunns river and the Dolphin Cove are both very close to CSS ? to get to Dolphin Cove you hire a taxi or is there a shuttle to get there?

    I read that Dolphin Cove is 45USD to get in? plus any dolphin swim plans extra is that right?

    Your very right i do want to enjoy the CSS facilities as much as possible and just do a few excursions also, then back to the resort to enjoy the rest of the day.

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    Default Off Site Excursions

    It's my understanding that each resort has a Tour Desk to be able to book off site excursions. Can anybody tell me if we can charge these excursions to our room?? We have booked our first Couples experience at CSS for March 'll, so we got the $500 credit to spend!

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    If you buy the package for the Dolphin Swim transportation will be arranged. If you purchase a program (such as the Dolphin Touch) then your entrance fee is included. And yes, they are about 10 minutes from CSS.

    If I were you, I'd wait until you arrive at CSS before you book the dolphin excursion. You can do this at the tour desk in the lobby. You won't want to miss anything at the resort but you won't know the CSS weekly schedule until you arrive. Dunn's is about a 4 hour tour, 9am until noon, and the dolphin time depends on which program you do.
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    We did the dolphin cove "encounter" swim when we were in CSS in Dec 08. At that time they were offering a free upgrade. We really enjoyed it, and it was also neat to do the snorkeling with the stingrays. We were able to observe the "swim with" program and other then them having 2 dolphins and doing the dorsal swim and foot push, everything else is the same, so we were glad to not have spent the extra. That being said, it was an awesome experience! Look out though, b/c to get the pictures or dvd from your dolphin swim you will be shelling out the $, I believe it was $60 for the DVD.

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