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    It's my understanding that each resort has a Tour Desk to be able to book off site excursions. Can anybody tell me if we can charge any of these excursions to our room?? We have booked our first Couples experience at CSS for March 'll, so we got the $500 credit to spend!

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    If I recall it only applies to Spa ($350) and gift ($150).

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    I understand that they charge it to your card at the end of your stay!

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    I think you have to pay for them with a credit card. Also I think this years credit was to be used $150 in the shop and $350 in the spa. 2011 is $500 credit for anything you can charge to your room. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone else will correct me.

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    While Couples has gone cashless (everything gets charged to the room, and then you settle up as you check out), I suspect this does NOT apply to the Tour Desks.

    I've never booked a tour through the tour desk (we have a favorite tour operator on the island and we book directly with them), but I suspect this because they make your arrangements for you with the tour operators and the transaction is really with them; Couples probably receives a commission for their service.

    The cashless system can be used for all other purchases (spa, gift shop, exclusives such as wines and flowers, laundry service, etc.)

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