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    I have read some people talking about this plan but cannot find any infprmation here on the website. Can someone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks - Yvette

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    When you book on the web site its under the payment options. You pay $100 + Insurance if you want it + Flight if you book it. Then every month after on the day you booked your billed another hundred dollars till 45 days out then the rest is due.

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    I just booked for Dec 2010 using the Love Away Plan. When you or your travel agent make your reservations, near the end there is a place you check for the love away plan. You pay $100 plus any insurance for the first payment, then $100 a month until 45 days prior to your arrival, which you will need to pay the balance of you trip. Great deal, I know if I put the money away, I would get interest, but you don't always put the money away. $100 a month is not much and can spent very easily. Good luck with you planning and have a wonderful vacation

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