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    Do all room types have full stocked mini bars?

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    Depends on your resort...

    At SweptAway, all rooms have minibars except the original Garden Suites and Atrium Suites.

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    Which resort?

    At CSA, No. All the rooms in the "Verandah" category will have a mini bar and a TV. I think that the Beach Front Suites do also. The remaining rooms do not. But don't let that bother you.

    Check at the very top of this web page, click the tab that applies to the resort you are staying at, or thinking of staying, and search through the information available. Your question and much more will be answered.

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    no not all rooms. Look at the room description to see which rooms have the minibar. I know the garden and atrium rooms at CSA do not.

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    No- read through the "Accomodations" for the resort you are looking at. Each Room Category lists what the amenities are

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    No, it depends on the resort and the room category. Check the accomodations link for the resort you are going will let you know.

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    EVERY room at CN has a stocked mini bar.

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    Default CN Minibar

    Hello, I am looking to book at CN. We would be happy to save a little money on a Deluxe Garden room, but were planning on upgrading to a Deluxe Ocean because the room description on the website shows minibar for the later only.

    Can anyone confirm the Deluxe Garden rooms all have minibars?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

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