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    I just read a review of CTI on Trip Advisor where the woman complained that tips were expected at the Main Bar and water sports area. I PM'd her and it turns out we were there at the same time. I didn't encounter this at all. We didn't feel pressured to tip at all and we didn't. I didn't notice anyone else tipping either other than when we were leaving I saw a guy getting on the golf bus palm some money to one of the bellmen. She claimed that the bartenders at the main bar expected tips to be placed in the wooden bar menus and that watersports staff would take guests out at times when the red flags were out for a $20 tip. The only people we tipped were the bus drivers and the massage therapist at the spa. Unlike other AI resorts, I was happy that CTI seems to enforce the no tipping policy and we received great service without tipping. I found her comments off base and wondered whether anyone else encountered similar experiences.

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    That's absurd. One of the bartenders actually got mad at me for even joking about tipping. "You get me fired mon!"

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    We have been to CTI many times. There are times when I read some of the Trip Advisor reviews that I think they are written by other hotel peoples. I have NEVER seen or been approached about tips.

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    In 38 days (but who's counting) we will be returning to Couples for our 7th trip (different resorts) In all our time there, I have never seen a tip expected by anyone. I have just finished reading the TA review, and quite simply, I do not believe that this person is telling the truth. Sorry, but I don't. Couples staff are the best best in the world!

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    We've been to all four Couples Resorts for a total of 16 trips and have never even had someone hint that a tip was expected. On our first couple of visits, we did attempt to tip the person who showed us to our room. Both times, our offer was politely refused. Once we learned that accepting a tip could get an employee terminated, we never again made the offer, but again, we've never had anyone say anything to us to suggest that a tip was expected.
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    Was at CTI in Feb for first time. While I never saw an employee seem to expect a tip I was told by a couple of people that the watersports people would hint for tips. Also, you have to be blind if you did not see other guests palming money to some of the employees. Don't get me wrong, I think the people that I saw palming tips were doing it because the employees had gone above and beyond the call of duty. Never did I feel pressured to tip and every Couples employee treated me with respect and gave me excellent service. I think we as Americans see the poverty in Jamaica and then we see how happy these people who are serving us are. We see their standard of living compared to ours and then we feel inclined to give them something. I had an employee who really went above and beyond the call of duty for me for my entire stay and I gave him 50 bucks on my last night. I was leaving, I was not paying for extra service. He had become my friend and I am wealthy and thought it appropriate to do something nice. Maybe he turned the money in but I do not think so.

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    The BEST thing you can do for your favorite Couples employees is to mention them by name on your comment card.
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